Flea Markets

Austin Flea
A unique blend of arts and crafts fair and flea market, this monthly event in Austin is modeled after the Brooklyn Flea in New York and offers an exciting mix of old and new finds. From handmade art to vintage clothes and jewelry, this casual market holds a must-have treasure for every shopper. Plus, scrumptious baked goods, drink specials, live music and a cozy, inviting atmosphere make the Austin Flea a joyous place to peruse.

Austin Country Flea Mart
The oldest and largest market in Austin, Texas, this open-air flea market has been listed on Travel Channel's "Top 10 World's Best Flea Markets," and for good reason. Amidst the buoyant beat of live Hispanic music, visitors browse over 300 vendor spaces, bargaining for electronics, antiques, jewelry, furniture, clothing and even fresh produce. If the booths of vibrant foods inspire hunger, shoppers can visit the concession stand for buttery roasted corn and an ice-cold beer. (512-928-2795, 512-928-4711)

City-Wide Garage Sale
City-Wide Garage Sale is a much-loved event held once every one or two months in Austin, Texas. Part flea market, part vintage shop, this enormous event features hundreds of dealers selling a jaw-dropping array of antique gems. Cherished finds include striking jewelry, mid-century furniture, antique dishes, vintage comic books and war memorabilia. Once you don that darling vintage dress or play that long-lost record, you'll be eager with anticipation for next month's Garage Sale. (512-441-2828)

Marketplace Austin
Bargain hunting becomes a festive, family-friendly extravaganza at this Austin, Texas shopping center. A flea market crossed with a climate-controlled indoor mall, this welcoming marketplace is home to more than 80 small, independent businesses selling wonderful wares ranging from apparel and electronics to jewelry and toys. The market provides a sociable, secure environment for booth-hopping, and when lunchtime rolls around, high-quality food booths and a full-service seafood restaurant beckon with mouthwatering aromas. (512-491-8030)

Community Renaissance Market
If you're searching for a more upscale flea market in Austin, this bazaar-like marketplace is sure to delight. Amidst a bright, bustling atmosphere, an ever-growing collection of locally owned microbusinesses offers everything from jewelry and antique dolls to handmade art and fresh foods. In between vendors, shoppers can savor blissful bakery treats, cafe snacks, tasty teas and robust Texas Coffee Traders brews, while entertainment ranging from bluegrass to belly dancing adds to the spirited ambiance. (512-522-6161, 512-827-8847)

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Neighborhood: SOUTH AUSTIN
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