Best Bars in Dallas: From Honky-Tonks to English-Style Pubs

If your idea of nightlife includes hitting a bar for drinks and socializing, then our Dallas guide is just what you want. Capitalizing on first-hand experience and extensive research, we've located the best bars in Dallas for hanging out and kicking back in. From long-lived mainstays like the Lakewood Landing to busy places like Double Wide that get lots of 10Best reader approval, we present the top bars in town and offer details about them all. What's the energy like? How do the bartenders pour? Are most bars located in the Greenville Avenue area? No fear - we share all the facts!

In the mood for imported beer? You're in luck, as Dallas features some of the best European-style pubs this side of the Atlantic. Head on over to the Old Monk on Henderson Avenue for people-watching on a great patio while sipping your favorite ale or bring your appetite for elevated, gourmet pub fare that pairs perfectly with your favorite draught at Libertine Bar on Greenville Ave. If you're looking to experience a country-western bar in the heart of Dallas, Adair's Saloon in the Deep Ellum district won't disappoint. If dive bars are more your thing, choose from a variety of popular low-key watering holes, like Lee Harvey's and The Grapevine Bar.

While bars are spread out across the metroplex, Uptown, Deep Ellum and Lower Greenville Avenues are full of choices and different types of venues.

Lakewood Landing is one of Dallas's best known "joints." Owned and operated by a woman simply named Louise, who greets patrons with a cheerful "Whatcha' drinkin', sugar?" the Landing has a fantastic jukebox filled with old country favorites, a...  Read More

"Quirky" barely skims the descriptive surface of this club, which has all the style and charm of a mobile home. Don't let the kitsch drive you away though, because Double Wide promises to be one of the more memorable nightspots you'll visit in...  Read More

Although Deep Ellum arguably functions as Dallas's cutting-edge district, parts of it maintain a long-standing commitment to simpler times. Take, for example, a honky-tonk like Adair's, which has been popular since 1963. The digs (in the early...  Read More

Library Bar
Photo courtesy of Library Bar

Located in the Warwick Melrose Hotel in the Oak Lawn neighborhood, Library bar is classy and elegant. It has a traditional decor, complete with dark woods, comfortable sofas, upholstered chairs, and stately bookshelves lined with classic titles....  Read More

Grapevine Bar

The eclectic crowd that frequents this light-hearted watering hole is composed of folks from all walks of life. Highland Park socialites rub elbows with local drag queens, and if you're not a twenty-something, you won't feel like a parent...  Read More

Libertine Bar
Photo courtesy of The Libertine Bar

This Dallas bar serves upscale pub grub with a side dish of live music and weekly rotating draughts. Menu items include standards like burgers and salads served alongside sweet potato frites, mussels, and a few unexpected dishes like the popular...  Read More

Old Monk, with its great assortment of beers and its full bar, has built a steadfast reputation as a great place to begin an evening or a nighttime adventure. The kitchen serves sandwiches (including a great roast beef version), along with...  Read More

Photo courtesy of NYLO Dallas South Side Hotel

There aren't many rooftop bars in Dallas that come with an infinity pool, a fire pit, and awesome city views. At least not any like the SODA Bar-- that resides atop the hip NYLO South Side hotel. Naturally, there's more to drink in here than the...  Read More


A unique sense of style characterizes this popular watering hole near Lakewood Landing. You won't find frat boys or the yuppie types here - Cosmos is where hipsters and laid-back twenty-somethings go to kick back and drink with friends. Its...  Read More


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