10 Best Desserts and Coffee in Dallas: French Pastries to Loaf Cake

Denise Brandenberg

By , Local Expert, Dallas
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Trying to find the best Desserts & Coffee in Dallas? 10Best has you covered. Our editors and locals search the city and suburbs for the top places. Then, we showcase popular restaurants like Bread Winners Cafe & Bakery, and we highlight eateries with great user reviews, like Obzeet Coffee Bar & Café. We also help you find areas where Desserts & Coffee are prominent - the Oak Lawn area, for example - so that you not only get terrific dining recommendations, but you also have choices to boot. After all, if you're going to eat, you may as well do it right and take advantage of Dallas's best. If you're in the mood for a French...  Read more »

  • 1

    Café Brazil

    Cafe Brazil has one of the best coffee bars in Dallas.

    Local Expert Tip: "Get the bottomless cup of coffee!"

  • 2

    Zaguan Latin Cafe and Bakery

    Zaguan Latin Cafe and Bakery has it all - delicious Latin American coffee roasts and decadent sweets and pastries.

    Local Expert Tip: "Don't miss the cheese bread."

  • 3

    Main Street Bistro and Bakery

    Main Street Bistro and Bakery is one of the most quaint, relaxed spots in North Dallas to enjoy a coffee and dessert.

    Local Expert Tip: "Try the chocolate almond croissant if you're in there for breakfast."

  • 4

    Rush Patisserie

    Rush Patisseire is the best spot in Dallas to find over-the-top French pastries and coffee.

    Local Expert Tip: "Call and pre-order the macaroons if you want to try them!"

  • 5

    La Duni Latin Cafe

    • Cuisine: Latin
    • Average Main Course Price: $18

    La Duni Latin Cafe is the perfect "girls' brunch" spot for sweets, coffee and cocktails.

    Local Expert Tip: "If you're in the mood for desserts, order the sample plate of four half slices of cake."

  • 6

    Pearl Cup Coffee

    • Cuisine: Coffee Shop
    • Average Main Course Price: $6
    • Neighborhood: Lower Greenville

    Pearl Cup Coffee is one of Dallas' most unique coffee houses, and the coffee is as good as the atmosphere!

    Local Expert Tip: "For something different, try the Chai Latte."

  • 7

    White Rock Coffee

    • Cuisine: Organic
    • Average Main Course Price: $5
    • Neighborhood: Lake Highlands

    White Rock Coffee has the best coffee and loaf breads in town.

    Local Expert Tip: "If you're not in the mood for coffee, try a fresh fruit smoothie."

  • 8

    Obzeet Coffee Bar & Café

    Obzeet Coffee Bar and Cafe is worth a trip for the nutella cheesecake alone.

    Local Expert Tip: "Go on the weekends to enjoy live bands with your cocktails, coffee and dessert."

  • 9

    Bread Winners Cafe & Bakery

    Bread Winners Cafe and Bakery has the most enticing cake display in Dallas.

    Local Expert Tip: "Uptown bakery wins big with sweets and fresh-from-the-oven breads."

  • 10

    Legal Grounds

    Legal Grounds has the only prom cakes in town - pancakes made with oatmeal and topped with bananas and homemade granola - yum!

    Local Expert Tip: "You get one free refill on your coffee there!"



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