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Few pursuits tap into the pleasures of nightlife more than dancing. Giving yourself over to the rhythms, the lights, and the energy is a total release. When you want that feeling, we'll introduce you to the best dance clubs in Houston. Top DJs get things moving, and other patrons ensure that there's plenty to see along the way. To follow the crowds, head to Club Tropicana and see what lies in store; for a more subdued experience, give Meteor a try. Either way, 10Best will make sure you know the best places to dance in Houston.

Scott Gertner's SkyBar and Grille
Quite literally above the rest, Scott Gertner's Skybar and Grille occupies a penthouse that affords sweeping views of downtown. Widely regarded as one of the best places in town to catch live music, the nightspot features a swank, candlelit area where patrons relax at cozy café tables while listening to namesake Scott Gertner and friends cut cool jazz tunes. Patrons needing a bit of fresh air can make their way out to one of two open-air terraces — the western one offers a tranquil fountain and spectacular sunset views. Two-drink minimum. (713-520-9688, 713-520-9905)

South Beach
For some of the city's premiere dancing, take advantage of this always-hip gay club. Within its walls, pulsating mixes of the world's top music have patrons moving to the beat, showing off toned bodies, coiffed cuts, and expensive clothes. When the place gets too hot, suspended jets spray liquid ice, cooling the dance floor as laser lights shift and throb overhead. The lobby offers comfy seating when the club's activity becomes too pronounced. Drinks can be expensive, but that's a small price to pay for the ambience and fun. (713-529-7623, 713-521-0107)

Brazos River Bottom Club
Although it's been around for more than 30 years, BRB continues to thrive, thanks to its focus on country and western music and its appeal with the two-stepping gay community. Lots of folks attend its weekly events, whether they hit the dance floor, shoot a few rounds of pool, or simply prop up the bar, cold beer in hand. You can be assured of a friendly welcome when you come, and you'll likely be inclined to try out your karaoke skills or even capitalize on Thursday night's dance lessons. Busy and popular. (713-528-9192)

Club Tropicana
Toss a bit of spice into the nightlife mix at Tropicana, which gets rave reviews for its sexy salsa dancing and vivacious patrons. No one's shy when they take to the dance floor, and club-goers are eager to show off their best moves, so it's not uncommon for the place to get crowded. If you simply want to sit and watch, that's okay, too. A full bar serves drinks galore, and large screens highlight Latin music videos or in-house bands. You'll also find fine cigars in stock. (713-977-4188)

Tapping into the trend for classy, upscale dance clubs like those found on the East and West Coasts, Next places patrons amid velour and leather seating, rich colors, spare lines, and moody lighting. The focus of the space is an elevated dance floor, complete with a gleaming, metallic DJ booth. Other surprising touches include a Zen garden patio and a plexiglass cage bearing beautiful dancers aloft above the bar. VIP areas are myriad and just as luxurious. The club can be difficult to find, so if you have trouble locating it, simply tag along behind the hip crowds who move with purpose. (713-221-8833)

Looking for a Meteor shower? Well, that's exactly what you'll get at this gay club. The front of the club has a large shower where scantily-clad go-go dancers strut their stuff. The clean, contemporary interior also has white leather couches and tables for those who want to observe rather than dance. There's also an outdoor bamboo-enclosed patio for a little fresh air. (713-521-0123)

Wild West
For a true taste of Texas heritage, come down to Wild West. You won't find any over-tan, over-gelled club goers here. It's all boots, cowboy hats and country dancing. A solid oak dance floor stands up well to dancers' boots, and there's even dance lessons on Sundays. The fajitas aren't bad and the beer is cold, so there's little that's objectionable about this place. (713-266-2282, 713-266-3455)

The Mink on Main exudes the same sort of effortless cool characterized by Paul Newman and Steve McQueen. Updated, cooler and hipper, of course. The black walls, pink accents and subdued lighting create a laid-back mood, but upstairs, you can usually find a crowd clustered around a live band. Their weekly DJ sessions are as likely to draw in a frenzied crowd as they are to just set a mellow groove. (713-522-9985)

Maps and Directions

Scott Gertner's SkyBar and Grille 10Best List Arrow
Type: Dance Club, Live Music, Lounge
Neighborhood: Montrose
South Beach 10Best List Arrow
Type: Dance Club, Gay and Lesbian
Neighborhood: Montrose
Brazos River Bottom Club 10Best List Arrow
Type: Dance Club, Gay and Lesbian
Neighborhood: MIDTOWN
Club Tropicana 10Best List Arrow
Type: Dance Club
Neighborhood: West Houston
Next 10Best List Arrow
Type: Dance Club
Meteor 10Best List Arrow
Type: Dance Club, Gay and Lesbian
Neighborhood: Montrose
Wild West 10Best List Arrow
Type: Dance Club
Neighborhood: West Houston
Mink 10Best List Arrow
Type: Live Music
Neighborhood: MIDTOWN
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