Head to Monte Vista for Incredible Neighborhood Bars, Craft Cocktails and More!

Unless you're familiar with this part of San Antonio, you might not go out of your way to visit, but truth be told, the few bars, clubs and nightlife-oriented venues that exist around here are some of the best in city. 

For some perfectly-made craft cocktails start the night at Park Social, where you can enjoy a bite to eat as well as some amazing libations. The bar manager here is raising the bar, figuratively speaking!

If you love venturing down the off-beaten track, then visit Mexcaleria Mixtli to be introduced to the world and wonder of mezcal, a traditional liquor of Mexico. Mezcal is the mother of tequila, only far more diverse and complex. A number of mezcals come from the state of Oaxaca, known as a culinary hub. Because the agave that produces mezcal is baked in the ground, it often imparts a unique smokey flavor. Once you try, you'll be hooked!

If you're looking for a neighborhood hangout where you can enjoy a nice glass of wine or even a coffee, try Barbaro, where you can also get a yummy handmade pizza. If the weather is comfortable, Candlelight has a large and lovely patio that's perfect for long chats with good friends.

Club-goers will appreciate the energy, lively music, dancing and sometimes live performances found at Heat and the Bonham. Is it time to shake your tail feather?!

Perhaps San Antonio's most unique dance club, the Bonham is housed in a building that is over 120 years old. The club is known for inviting everyone to come in and be whoever you are without fear of criticism. Founded back in 1981, the...  Read More

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TBA is a concept that is certainly unique for the San Antonio scene. TBA stands for "To Be Announced," and in terms of this snazzy little snack bar and cocktail lounge, it means that there's no telling what exciting concoctions Chef James Moore...  Read More

Monte Vista
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With 17 beers on tap, standard and tournament-sized pool tables, and a TV playing the big game, it's back to basics at Joey's. Keeping things simple has made this St. Mary's bar a longstanding success. College students and neighborhood regulars...  Read More

The Last Word
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If you like a low-lit, intimate atmosphere that feels like a modern day speakeasy, then The Last Word might just be the bar for you. This beautiful new venue serves up some of the city's finest handcrafted cocktails, beer and wine in the growing...  Read More

HEAT calls themselves the #1 dance club in town. In fact, HEAT Nightclub is more than just a dance club. It is also a night time entertainment venue for San Antonio's LGBT community. The club is described as 'sprawling' and features a video...  Read More

Even if you're not a member of the LGBT community, this fabulous bar has become a local's favorite from college students to professionals. They're conveniently located near downtown right along the strip, where you'll find an assortment of other...  Read More

The warm, LGBT-friendly atmosphere abounds at this coffeehouse, where you can relax on the patio with friends from work or stake out one of Candlelight's comfy couches. Thanks to a reasonably priced but thorough selection of coffees and a range...  Read More

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Barbaro isn't just any pizza joint, think of it more as a pizza speakeasy, a neighborhood bar that features craft beer and absolutely fantastic pizza, salads and desserts showcasing the finest ingredients in combinations you wouldn't come up...  Read More

Park Social
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Park Social, which is a little speakeasy-type bar next to its sister, restaurant FOLC, invites guests to dive into the depths of mixology by popular mixologist, David Naylor, who's developing a reputation as one of the greatest bar managers in...  Read More


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