10 Best Value Restaurants to Be Found in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is known for its outstanding food options not only in fantastic taste but in exceptionally great food for the price. While most Thais will tell you that the best food is often found at specific street vendors, there are also plenty of no frills restaurants that have great value dinners with tables and chairs and a bit of air con. If it is Thai you are after, why not try some hearty northeastern Isaan fare at popular spots like Baan Som Tam or Lung Yai. For Thai Chinese, Pochana 55 may be a hole in the wall, but it has been serving satisfied customers for years and consistently providing fantastic meals at a pittance. If it is Chinese dumplings and a bit of northern Chinese cuisine that tickles your fancy, not only does Hong Teong Long have the best in the country, but they are half the price found elsewhere. Indian food also makes it onto the Bangkok best value list, with good dosas and other south Indian fare available at the popular Chennai Kitchen. Another Indian favorite, biryani, is represented at the Home Kitchen Islamic Restaurant, noted for its mutton biryani dish. Thong Lor is not known for cheap restaurants, but Supanniga Eating Room is quite reasonable, and the hard to find Thai dishes make it well worth a visit. Japanese food also isn't cheap, but Bankara Ramen makes the best noodles in town, and it won't empty your wallet. And last, but certainly not least, for the best value breakfast you can find anywhere in Asia, head over to the lunch counter at one of the various outlets of Took Lae Dee, a legendary Bangkok institution. You will get plenty of bang for your baht following this 10 Best list!

Chennai Kitchen
Photo courtesy of Dave Stambouli

Chennai Kitchen is another one of these delightful nook and cranny dirt cheap eateries with excellent southern Indian cooking and is tiny and intimate enough that it feels as if one is eating in someone's home. The food is very authentic, with...  Read More

Took Lae Dee means cheap and good in Thai, and its long food counter, which can be found inside any branch of Foodland supermarkets, has appeared in countless numbers of Thai movies and thus is well known throughout the country. The food is...  Read More

If you like oysters this little hole in the wall serves up some of the best street fare to be found anywhere in Bangkok. Winner of the prestigious Shell Shuan Shim star award, the lady running this joint whips up divine plates of fried oyster or...  Read More

Bankara Ramen
Photo courtesy of Bankara

This is the first international branch of the famed Ikebukuro ramen house, and boy is it authentic. The interior and decor,along with all the ravenous Japanese expat regulars make one feel like one is in Tokyo, and even more genuine is the food,...  Read More

The quaint three story shophouse on Thong Lor is easy to miss it looks so small from the outside, but once through the doors, it is a relaxing and homey spot, probably a recreation of what grandma's kitchen was all about, and indeed, the owner...  Read More

Pochana 55
Photo courtesy of Dave Stamboulis

Pochana 55 is a plainly decorated simple and cheap streetside restaurant that has been serving thousands of customers for over 20 years. Initially famed for its khao tom rice soup, served to clubbers coming home at 4am, the restaurant now serves...  Read More

Lung Yai
Photo courtesy of Dave Stamboulis

Simply put Lung Yai is hands down the best local Isaan eatery in Bangkok, which is saying a lot. And the only thing that can compete with the food are the amazingly low prices. The homey place, hidden off the street on Din Daeng, does not get a...  Read More

The Indian and Middle Eastern specialty of biryani (rice that is mixed with a combo of meat and vegetables that have been cooked in a spice hearty assortment of cardamom, bay leaves, coriander, mint, cinnamon, saffron, ginger, garlic, and...  Read More

Hong Teong Long
Photo courtesy of Hong Teong Long

If you have an affinity for Chinese dumplings without breaking the bank, you have found nirvana at Hong Teong Long. This hole in the wall with red lanterns hanging outside, and waitresses who can barely speak Thai inside, specializes in Shanghai...  Read More

Isaan, or northeastern cuisine, is probably the most common food eaten in Thailand, by both visitors and locals alike. Some of the best Isaan food is found at corner street stalls, which most tourists find too hot and uncomfortable to sit at,...  Read More


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