Historic Sites

French Heritage Museum
Photo courtesy of Karen Elowitt

This little museum in the Frenchtown neighborhood west of Charlotte Amalie is dedicated to preserving the artifacts and documents relating to the French heritage of the area. French settlers came to St. Thomas from St. Barts in the 1800s, and...  Read More

Hotel 1829

This magnificent example of 19th-century architecture, also known as the Lavalette House, was built in 1829 by one of St. Thomas's most successful merchants. Bright coral walls are accented with skillfully worked wrought iron. The interior is...  Read More

Seven Arches Museum

St. Thomas residents Philibert Fluck and Barbara Demaras open their historic private home to the public. The Seven Arches is named for the arches supporting the "welcoming arms" staircase made of native mahogany. The home has been completely...  Read More

Government House
Photo courtesy of Karen Elowitt

Government House was built in 1867 as a private residence, but it soon became the meeting place for the Danish Colonial Council. Today, it serves as the Governor's office. Visitors are welcome in the lobby area, as well as the 1st and 2nd...  Read More

Fort Christian

Built in 1672 and named for Danish King Christian V, Fort Christian is the oldest standing structure in the United States Virgin Islands. Through the years this National Historic Landmark, designated as such in 1977, has been used as a jail, the...  Read More

Drake's Seat
Photo courtesy of Karen Elowitt

Visit this panoramic vista in the evening – the sunset is spectacular and many of the t-shirt hawkers have gone home for the day. It is said that Sir Francis Drake watched over his ships and charted passages among the islands from this...  Read More

99 Steps
Photo courtesy of Karen Elowitt

It's true – if you count, you will find there are actually 103 steps. Built in the 1700s to make climbing Government Hill a bit easier, this staircase is one of St Thomas's most famous landmarks. Some historians feel the stairs are making up...  Read More

Crown House

As you tour Government Hill, take a moment to study this West Indian home, built in the 18th century. The structure was originally built for Peter von Scholten, the Danish ruler who freed the slaves in 1848. Today it is lavish private home, so...  Read More

St. Peter Great House and Botanical Gardens
Photo courtesy of Karen Elowitt

Plan to have at least 45 minutes to stroll the grounds at this lavish estate and gardens, nestled in the hills high above most of the island. Wander the gallery where local art is displayed, or peruse the old plantation house. It was built in...  Read More

Blackbeard's Castle / Skytsborg Tower
Photo courtesy of Karen Elowitt

No one knows when Skytsborg Tower became known as Blackbeard's Castle. The tower was built in 1679, at the highest point on Government Hill, to serve as a watchtower for Fort Christian. It is rumored that Edward Teach – Blackbeard the Pirate...  Read More