Best London Attractions

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    10. Science Museum

    The Science Museum is often overshadowed by its neighbors: the behemoth Natural History Museum and the V&A, to be specific. But inside its doors is one of the most dynamic and cutting-edge series of exhibitions in...

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    8. Westminster Abbey

    It's the final resting place of kings and queens, thinkers and visionaries. Since 1090 AD, Westminster Abbey has been welcoming visitors to bask in its grandeur and take selfies by Isaac Newton's headstone. It's got...

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    7. The Shard

    The Shard might be London's most controversial, complex, and -- oh yes -- BIG piece of modern architecture, but love it or hate it, very few skyscrapers would claim to be "a vertical city". We've got to say, that...

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    6. Somerset House

    Between the Courtald Gallery, the Tudor vaults, the vast, bustling Edmond J. Safra Square, London Fashion Week, and buzzed-up new restaurant Spring, you realize: Somerset House might very well contain all of London's...

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    5. Victoria & Albert Museum

    What is there to say about the Victoria & Albert Museum, the world's largest museum of design and decorative arts, which hasn't already been said by historians, artists, and the public since its opening in 1852?...

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    4. Leake Street

    Most tourists wouldn't think that one of London's most vibrant art locales might be down a grimy alleyway round the corner from Waterloo station. But Leake Street does indeed offer up a mesmerising selection of just...

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    3. The Hayward Gallery

    The Hayward Gallery might not be as high profile as the neighbouring Tate Modern or the monumental Victoria & Albert Museum, but within its concrete walls are some of the most adventurous and challenging pieces...

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    2. Royal Albert Hall

    When Queen Victoria funnelled the Crown's wealth and ingenuity into monuments to her beloved Albert -- giving us charmingly mesmerizing Albertopolis -- the Royal Albert Hall was chosen to be the concert hall which...

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    1. Alexandra Palace

    Just north of where most travel guides would tell you to go sit the quiet, lush neighbourhoods of Muswell Hill, Crouch End, and Wood Green. And at their axis is historic exhibition venue and stunning architectural...

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About London Attractions

We'd have a lot of questions for the London visitor who didn't know that the city boasts some of the most awe-inspiring sites and idyllic days out on the globe. We'd also love to be the ones to break the good news to them. To Americans, with our relatively new developed nation and all, a mossy outdoor wall exude the kind of magic and visceral history that those native Europeans take for granted. (By the time the Mayfair landed on American soil London had already suffered and rebuilt from six major fires) But just wait til you take in the legacy of 18 English monarchs resting in Westminster Abbey, or the Greenwich Observatory, that nice building out east that helped form our concept of international time. London's attractions are unique as snowflakes -- vertigo-inducing, spooky, dreamy,  sometimes-pricy, sometimes-free, always-utterly-enchanting snowflakes, and you'll be hard pressed to tear yourself away from their ambiance and magic.

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Arianna Reiche is a London-based writer and publisher. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, she studied at the University of Edinburgh before working with Vice, New Scientist, McSweeney's, and Gawker Media. She first fell in love with London running errands during London Fashion Week in 2009, careening through the streets in an microscopic G-Wiz stylemobile.

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