The love affair continues - You're never far from a curry house in London

Emma Wallis

By , Local Expert, London
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Do you love Indian food? We do too, and that's why we dedicate ourselves to finding the best places to enjoy Indian cuisine in London. We've diligently scouted out the top eateries, and we've listened to our readers and their reviews of London restaurants. We share the places that get great buzz, like Lahore Kebab House, and we showcase the ones that have proven themselves over time, like Tamarind. We also point out good neighborhoods for Indian restaurants in the London - Chelsea area, for instance. When the craving hits, we'll make sure you get your fix!

  • 1


    • Cuisine: Indian
    • Average Main Course Price: 8 British Pounds
    • Neighborhood: Stoke Newington

    Rasa serves up delicious south Indian food in several areas of London. You can't go wrong.

    Local Expert Tip: "Rasa has a restaurant in London to suit everyone's tastes, there are vegetarian only ones; a restaurant specialising in fish, and one for meat. You can find them in several areas of London too."

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    • Cuisine: Indian
    • Average Main Course Price: 30 British Pounds
    • Neighborhood: Mayfair

    Local Expert Tip: "Pop in here for some contemporary michelin style twists on North West Indian cuisine. Think Indian princes, rich spices and heart warming tandoor pots and you'll be in seventh heaven."

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    • Cuisine: Indian
    • Average Main Course Price: 30 British Pounds
    • Neighborhood: Kensington

    Local Expert Tip: "For an opulent night out, with traditional food, try Zaika."

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    Lahore Kebab House

    • Cuisine: Indian
    • Average Main Course Price: 7 British Pounds
    • Neighborhood: Whitechapel

    Local Expert Tip: "Pop in here for authentic Pakistani cuisine and a fun family run atmosphere."

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    Margala Grill

    • Cuisine: Indian
    • Average Main Course Price: 10 British Pounds
    • Neighborhood: Newham

    Local Expert Tip: "Order a Peshwari naan here and you won't be disappointed. If you don't stop at Margalla's then browse the whole street and choose a restaurant that takes your fancy, similar to how you eat in places in India, the food in most places along here is authentic and delicious."

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    Rasoi Vineet Bhatia

    • Cuisine: Indian
    • Average Main Course Price: 90 British Pounds
    • Neighborhood: Chelsea

    Local Expert Tip: "Push the boat out for an uncomparable experience of fine London dining Indian style."

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    Cinnamon Club

    • Cuisine: Indian
    • Average Main Course Price: 30 British Pounds
    • Neighborhood: Westminster

    Local Expert Tip: "For a real gastronomic experience (and a very full tummy) try the 8 course feast."

  • 8

    Diwana Bhel Puri

    Local Expert Tip: "For South Indian street food, head here, or walk up and down Drummond Street to see which restaurant is en vogue on the day you're there."

  • 9


    • Cuisine: Indian
    • Average Main Course Price: 14 British Pounds
    • Neighborhood: Gatwick

    Local Expert Tip: "Finish off with a gulub Jamun or Kulfi and you will leave more than satisfied. "

  • 10

    Aladin Brick Lane

    Local Expert Tip: "The website says, if you want to hear Prince Charles praise this restaurant then ask the staff to playback the tape to you, so you can check out the highest praise from royal circles for yourself!"



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