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We all have love/hate relationships with our clothes, and travel only heightens the emotions. We forget to pack something, or we need something unexpectedly, or we just want to see what London has to offer that our own city may not. That's why 10Best compiles a list of the best clothing stores in town. From independent boutiques to upscale chains, we tell you where to find terrific basics and quality fashions that will get you through any clothing crisis. Popular possibilities? Burberry and Prada.

10 Topshop
The Oxford Circus flagship Topshop is one of the largest high street shops in the world. There are five floors in this sartorial goliath, including men and women's fashion and accessories, a Wah Nails bar, tailoring service, hair salon, EAT cafe and a personal shopping service. More than 30,000 shoppers traipse through here everyday, so expect crowds at almost any time. A British staple, Topshop offers affordably priced catwalk-inspired fashion with constantly refreshed collections, as well as celebrity designed ranges by the likes of Kate Moss. Early morning is when to find it at it's most serene (if that word can ever be applied). (0844 8487487)

9 Browns
Venerable Browns maintains its status as one of London's top clothing stores. Although Browns offers fantastic fashions for everyone, the selection of menswear is unrivaled. Top international designers are represented, including the old guard and the newest names. The layout, staff, and elegant ambience make shopping or browsing a pleasure. TUBE: Bond Street (020-7514-0016)

8 Prada
This Bond Street shop appeals to the stylish, trendy, and well-to-do. The minimalist decor features pale colors, and sparse racks mimic the simple, well-cut styles so popular among fashion's elite. All the Prada collections are featured in the multi-level store, including the hip Sport line, shoes, menswear, the swanky main line, and, upstairs, a fine selection of underpinnings. The staff are helpful but unobtrusive. TUBE: Green Park (020-7647-5000)

7 Timothy Everest
This shop's traditional tailoring appeals to men with more modern tastes — the clubby, wood-lined interior is obviously meant to appeal to the gentlemen's club crowd. Handmade suits are impeccable but costly. Everest also offers a slightly less pricey option with clothes that are custom-tailored but aren't completely hand-stitched. Though it looks exclusive, the shop ensures that each customer is treated with care. Appointments are available outside of regular business hours. TUBE: Bond Street (20-7629-6236)

6 Burberry
This famous maker of upscale plaid merchandise has revamped its image over the last few years, going from reputable but somewhat stuffy to chic and sexy. While classic blankets, raincoats and umbrellas are still available, chic items such as sheath dresses, casual separates, high heels, and lingerie are all available in the traditional check motif or in solids and other fresh prints. Items are well made but expensive and run the gamut from wallets to luggage to the ultimate accessory: a plaid collar for your Burberry dog. TUBE: Oxford Circus (20-3367-3000, 20-3402-1444)

5 Marc Wallace
This store stocks elegant suits and waistcoats for the discriminating consumer, and many men shop here for special occasions. Waistcoats come in every pattern, from the most staid to the most ornately embroidered. Custom-tailored suits cut from a wide assortment of fine fabrics are known for their quality. TUBE: Parsons Green (020-7731-4575, 020-7736-6795)

4 Amanda Wakeley
In stylish Chelsea, the most stylish women, including lots of models, buy their slinky evening clothes from Amanda Wakely. Classic designer fashions have been available here for generations. Lots of sheer fabrics and beading distinguish the apparel, and elegant accessories add even more glitz. An ideal shop for special occasions such as weddings or formal parties. TUBE: South Kensington (020-7590-9105)

3 Tomasz Starzewski
This well-known designer and tailor caters to the upper echelons of society; the likes of Sarah Ferguson order pastel suits and elegant gowns here. Though not necessarily the hippest collection in town, Mr. Starzewski does sprinkle some newer looks in with the debutante-style classics. Several pieces even come in silver leather or feature metallic embroidery. Items are showcased in elaborate displays, making this shop a fun place to browse and rub shoulders with London's elite. Appointments are available outside regular business hours. TUBE: Knightsbridge (020-7244-6138)

2 Start Boutique
Split into separate mens and womens boutiques, Start features a variety of trendy casual wear from the likes of Acne, C.P Company and Alexander Wang. There's also a tailoring shop on the same street, so your clothes can be properly fitted once you've bought them. Denim is a specialty for men and women; you'll see premium jeans from A.P.C. and Nudie Jeans Co. (20-7729-3334, 20-7739-3636)

1 Diverse Womenswear & Menswear
The gray storefront and the scuffed wooden floors of this Islington favorite certainly do nothing to distract your attention from the fine fashions available. The store aims to showcase the most talented and original designers as well as provide a great shopping experience for customers. Brands such as A.P.C. and Diane Von Furstenburg are staples, but you can also expect a regular rotation of different designers.

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Neighborhood: Chelsea
Tomasz Starzewski 10Best List Arrow
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Neighborhood: VICTORIA
Start Boutique 10Best List Arrow
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Neighborhood: Shoreditch
Diverse Womenswear & Menswear 10Best List Arrow
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Neighborhood: ISLINGTON
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