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Salt Lake City has a surprisingly vibrant and liberal nightlife scene flies in the face of its conservative reputation. True, SLC has no proper “bar crawl,” and its liquor laws are noticeably more restrictive than in other cities across the nation. However, to the great joy of revelers, the recent decades have brought about a rapid loosening of these laws. And what the city lacks in back-to-back pubs and free-flowing pours, it makes up for in popular events and live music.

Any given week, you might have the option to catch live jazz at The Bayou, to dance to a local band at Urban Lounge, to savor a Utah Symphony concert, or to enjoy a free, outdoor show in Downtown Salt Lake. If you prefer DJs in dance clubs, check out the events calendars of the city’s best venues like Area 51, The Hotel or Club Sound.

No matter what you do, make sure to do a little research before going out. People who leave SLC disappointed with its after-dark offerings, more often than not, simply haven’t taken the time to locate the city’s best offerings!

- Salt Lake City Expert Christine Balaz