Breakfast and Brunch — From Classic to Trendy, and Hearty to Healthy

Christine Balaz

By , Local Expert, Salt Lake City
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Breakfast and brunch are some of the most fun meals to enjoy in Salt Lake City. As a restaurant goer in the early hours, you enjoy a huge selection of restaurants and food choices, extra low prices and - in the warm half of the year - gorgeously sunny outdoor dining conditions.

Those hoping for vitamin D-rich patio meal should consider trying Café Trio’s legendary Sunday brunch. Too hot? Not to worry! Trio sprays their patio with an ultra-fine mist when the temps are too high. Ruth’s Diner, a few miles up Emigration Canyon, offers an extremely pleasant outdoor dining environment in their back yard. Enjoy a late brunch there...  Read more »

  • 1

    Blue Plate Diner

    SLC has oodles of breakfast and brunch spots, but Blue Plate manages to remain one of the city's most famous and popular year after year.

    Local Expert Tip: "The Blue Plate is in high-demand from the partying hipster crowd; if you wish to avoid a weekend wait for breakfast, try showing up before 9:00am."

  • 2

    Ruth's Diner

    Just five minutes east of Sugarhouse, up Emigration Canyon, Ruth's Diner offers an charming location to enjoy a meal in clean, mountain air.

    Local Expert Tip: "Visit this restaurant on your way home after cycling Emigration Canyon."

  • 3

    Squatters Pub Brewery

    • Average Main Course Price: $12
    • Neighborhood: Downtown

    Traditionally known for great beers, lunches and dinners, Squatter's serves one of Salt Lake City's most...  Read more »

    Local Expert Tip: "Weekend brunch lasts until 3:00pm at Squatters."

  • 4

    Café Trio

    Trio's Sunday brunch is a city-wide legend; try to check it out if at all possible.

    Local Expert Tip: "Outdoor dining at Trio is pleasant even on hot summer days; an ultra-fine patio mister cools guests. "

  • 5

    Lamb's Grill Cafe

    Its nearly 100 years of operation is solid proof that Lamb's offers high-quality, reliable staples at every meal.

    Local Expert Tip: "Stop by Lamb's Cafe to dine in Salt Lake City's oldest running restaurant."

  • 6

    Millcreek Cafe & Eggworks

    • Cuisine: American
    • Average Main Course Price: $10

    This place has it all: local art, a clean, bright atmosphere, a friendly staff and delicious, fresh food... all off the beaten path.

    Local Expert Tip: "The Millcreek Cafe & Eggworks is a perfect breakfast spot for those looking to avoid hungover diner-goers on the weekend."

  • 7

    Park Café

    Located inside of SLC's largest park, Park Café offers refreshingly green surroundings for a city-central restaurant.

    Local Expert Tip: "Consider stopping by for an off-hour snack and cup of coffee."

  • 8

    Eggs in the City

    A long-standing Sugarhouse tradition, this hip, artsy diner serves reliably high-quality, diner-style food.

    Local Expert Tip: "On weekends, beat the party crowd by arriving before 10am."

  • 9

    Judge Café & Grill

    This downtown restaurant has a bright dining room adorned with historic photographs of Salt Lake City's bygone days.

    Local Expert Tip: "For a classic, homemade, American breakfast in downtown SLC, check out Judge Cafe."

  • 10

    Bruges Waffles & Frites

    OK! So this isn't the healthiest choice for brunch... but it nevertheless is one of the city's most coveted choices for sinful morning meals.

    Local Expert Tip: "Don't shy away from the unknown; if you're unfamiliar with the various toppings and sauces, just ask - they're delicious!"


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