A collection of top-notch restaurants offering a variety of fresh and tasty Chinese fare

Christine Balaz

By , Local Expert, Salt Lake City
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Americans have a love-hate relationship with Chinese food. They love it for its rich flavors, satisfying sauces, tender meats, and plump vegetables. The extreme abundance of Chinese restaurants in big cities (and rural villages) proves this. But somewhere along the way, Chinese food became known as a generic, salty, and cheap cuisine. And as much as people adore its flavor spectrum, they gasp at the nutritional content, and grow dehydrated from sodium overdoses.

Good news for those in Salt Lake City: this valley's best Chinese restaurants have figured out how to craft tasty dishes without sacrificing freshness - or relying on...  Read more »

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    • Cuisine: Asian, Chinese
    • Average Main Course Price: $12
    • Neighborhood: Bountiful

    Local Expert Tip: "Mandarin has a gluten- and wheat-free menu with more than two dozen options, including desserts. "

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    Hong Kong Tea House

    Local Expert Tip: "Dim sum service stops at 3pm; arrive well ahead of this if you're craving dim sum."

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    Szechuan Garden

    • Cuisine: Sichuanese
    • Average Main Course Price: $14
    • Neighborhood: Sandy

    Local Expert Tip: "Come prepared to think outside of the box, and don't be afraid to try a new dish."

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    Asian Star

    Local Expert Tip: "Parking is rather limited; arrive early to avoid a hassle. If you can't find a parking spot, valet parking is available for $3."

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    P.F. Chang's China Bistro

    Local Expert Tip: "P.F. Chang's offers three sets of happy hours throughout the week; check online for specifics. "

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    Ho Ho Gourmet

    • Cuisine: Asian, Chinese
    • Average Main Course Price: $9
    • Neighborhood: South Salt Lake City

    Local Expert Tip: "Dim sum is served daily at Ho Ho Gourmet."

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    Jasmine China Bistro & Sushi Bar

    Local Expert Tip: "Many dishes here are served family style, making this a great group dinner venue. "

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    Local Expert Tip: "Given the reliably high quality of its food and very affordable prices, Sampan has become an extremely popular choice for those ordering take-out. "

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    Shanghai Cafe

    Local Expert Tip: "Though this is heralded as the best vegetarian Chinese in Salt Lake, Shanghai Cafe also serves meat dishes."

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    Red Ginger Bistro

    Local Expert Tip: "On any night of the week, Red Ginger Bistro will be packed to the gills; if you prefer to avoid crowds, consider dining a few hours earlier than usual. "



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