10 Best Reveals Salt Lake City's Best Spots to Enjoy Great Coffee and a Sweet Bite to Eat

Christine Balaz

By , Local Expert, Salt Lake City
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Many, many restaurants serve dessert in Salt Lake City, and nearly every restaurant serves coffee. But at most restaurants, the coffee and the sweets come after a meal - and are not the primary focus of the eatery. 10Best has scoured the streets of Salt Lake City and uncovered a sweet group of eateries focusing primarily on scrumptious treats. And it turns out that, if you visit many of these restaurants, you’ll take a miniature vacation to Europe.

Perhaps no European country is more renowned for its desserts - specifically pastries - than France. Brining this country’s remarkably tasty, flaky, and oft cream-filled pastries...  Read more »

  • 1

    Tulie Bakery

    This establishment embodies the hip and artsy vibe of SLC's 9th and 9th neighborhood. Popular and bustling, Tulie is a cornucopia of fresh pastries.

    Local Expert Tip: "This American and European bakery has something for every taste."

  • 2

    Carlucci's Bakery & Cafe

    Carlucci's is one of the city's most award-winning bakeries; it was even featured in The New York Times' article, "36 Hours in Salt Lake City."

    Local Expert Tip: "Carlucci's serves coffee and espresso from Cafe Ibis, an excellent and environmentally friendly local roaster."

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    Le Petit Cafe

    Situated within the grand interior of the Little America Hotel, Le Petit Café serves delicious espresso, specialty coffees and fine pastries.

    Local Expert Tip: "Don't let Little America's exterior fool you; inside, the place is quite high-brow!"

  • 4

    Banbury Cross Donuts

    All donuts are not created equal - and Banbury Cross serves surprising tasty variations on this sticky, sweet treat. A true Salt Lake City classic!

    Local Expert Tip: "Enjoy a sinful treat after a calorie-burning morning hike."

  • 5

    Pierre Country Bakery & Café

    This local, artisan cafe has been "Baking Happiness Since 1987" or, more accurately, bringing indulgence to South Salt Lake for more than two decades.

    Local Expert Tip: "If you're staying downtown, consider visiting Pierre's en route to a day of skiing or hiking in the Wasatch canyons."

  • 6


    Though Nostalgia is primarily a coffeehouse, it does an outstanding job of offering fresh, diverse treats. Lunch and breakfast are offered, too!

    Local Expert Tip: "Enjoy solitude west of the University of Utah and north of 9th and 9th."

  • 7

    Salt Lake Roasting Company

    Salt Lake Roasting is an ultra-classic Salt Lake City institution, serving delicious coffee and food in a...  Read more »

    Local Expert Tip: "The Salt Lake Roasting Company is a perfect place to visit if you don't feel like a full-service meal - and if sweat treats and good coffee are important parts of your morning."

  • 8

    Glaus French Pastry Shoppe

    In business since 1935, the Glaus French Pastry Shoppe makes nearly everything from scratch, including the cake, fudge and custard.

    Local Expert Tip: "From fine cakes to decadent brownies, this bakery makes it all."

  • 9

    Bruges Waffles & Frites

    Winner of perhaps the Utah's most competitive food award: Best French Fries of Utah, by popular vote in City Weekly.

    Local Expert Tip: "Don't shy away from the unknown; if you're unfamiliar with the various toppings and sauces, just ask - they're delicious!"

  • 10

    Red Butte Café

    Though most know it for its fresh, delicious meals, Red Butte Café also offers some of Salt Lake's most delicious cakes and pastries.

    Local Expert Tip: "At the Red Butte Cafe, it is a shame to not save room for dessert!"



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