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Every city has its own unique feel and vibe, which is determined by a number of things. The local historic sites are no doubt one of the largest contributing factors to the aura that surrounds a city. When in Richmond, users recommend paying a visit to Agecroft Hall, in the James River area to get a feel for what truly makes up the city.

10 Agecroft Hall
This restored 15th-century English manor offers tours and features breathtaking views of the James River. The historic home features oak paneling, authentic military armor and other historical pieces. Twenty-three acres of gardens and grounds can be viewed year-round. A very interesting look into both regional and British history. (804-353-4241)

9 City Hall Skydeck
Located at the historic Richmond City Hall, this deck offers the best views of the city from 18 stories above the street. Breathtaking views are afforded from the deck to the bustling cityscape below. The deck sits nineteen floors above the city and features expansive viewing opportunities. (804-646-7000)

8 Berkeley Plantation
This historic house is famous for being located on the site of the Thanksgiving celebration of 1619, although there is still debate about the exact location of the original event. (Massachusetts also claims the first Thanksgiving.) This Georgian manor home is the birthplace of Declaration of Independence signer Benjamin Harrison and ninth President William Henry Harrison. Restored grounds and gardens extend to the James River. (804-829-6018)

7 Richmond National Battlefield Park Headquarters
The headquarters for Richmond's several battlefield parks are located in what was once the largest Confederate hospital. Features Civil War reenactments throughout the year at different sites. Orientation films, exhibits and maps give insight into the 97-mile battlefield tour. Other battlefield parks are Beaver Dam Creek, Chickahominy Bluffs, Cold Harbor, Gaines Mill and Garthright House. (804-226-1981)

6 Hollywood Cemetery
This historic, downtown cemetery is popular for its history, statuary and interesting epitaphs. Burial place for Presidents Monroe and Tyler, Confederate President Jefferson Davis and more than 18,000 Confederate soldiers. The 90-foot granite pyramid that commemorates Civil War soldiers is a must-see. (804-648-8501)

5 John Marshall House
The home of John Marshall, who served as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Secretary of State and Ambassador to France was built in 1790. The home includes Federalist furniture, design and memorabilia. (804-648-7998, 804-648-1889)

4 Canal Walk
This attraction is very popular with residents and tourists alike. The walk curves 1.25 miles through the city on the banks of the Haxall Canal, James River and Kanawha Canal (which runs parallel to the James). It offers an interesting history of the river and the canals. A canal ride from Kanawha is a must! (804-782-2777, 804-648-6549)

3 Shockoe Hill Cemetery
Politicians and famous people rest in peace at this notable cemetery. The famed residents of this final resting place include United States Chief Justice John Marshall, Virginia legislators John Minor Botts and William Mason McCarty and Virginia governor John Mercer Patton. (804-646-4465)

2 Scotchtown
This suburban Richmond property was home to Patrick Henry, Virginia revolutionary figure and the state's first governor. Henry's lovely plantation home dates from the early 18th century and has been restored. Interesting look at the historical and cultural artifacts of this storied Virginia region. (804-227-3500)

1 Capitol Square and Virginia State Capitol
The magnificent Capitol building stands as a monument to the glory and beauty of the city. Free tours of the building and the surrounding grounds offer an excellent explanation of the significance of the structure and the artifacts within. There are also several monuments on the grounds that offer visitors wonderful photo opportunities. (804-698-1788, 804-786-4344)

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Maps and Directions

Agecroft Hall 10Best List Arrow
Type: Historic Sites
Neighborhood: JAMES RIVER
City Hall Skydeck 10Best List Arrow
Type: Great Views
Neighborhood: DOWNTOWN
Berkeley Plantation 10Best List Arrow
Type: Historic Sites
Neighborhood: CHARLES CITY
Richmond National Battlefield Park Headquarters 10Best List Arrow
Type: Historic Sites, Military
Neighborhood: DOWNTOWN
Hollywood Cemetery 10Best List Arrow
Type: Historic Sites, Sightseeing
Neighborhood: DOWNTOWN
John Marshall House 10Best List Arrow
Type: Historic Sites
Neighborhood: DOWNTOWN
Canal Walk 10Best List Arrow
Type: Outdoor Activities, Sightseeing, Tours and Excursions
Neighborhood: DOWNTOWN
Shockoe Hill Cemetery 10Best List Arrow
Type: Sightseeing
Neighborhood: SHOCKOE
Scotchtown 10Best List Arrow
Type: Historic Sites
Neighborhood: Beaverdam
Capitol Square and Virginia State Capitol 10Best List Arrow
Type: Sightseeing, Tours and Excursions
Neighborhood: SHOCKOE SLIP
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