The LeMay: Auto Enthusiasts' Playground

America's Car Museum has over 350 vehicles, stats, and exhibits


If you're a car-geek - you love talking about models, makes, advantages, power and speed - you'll want to visit the LeMay, billed as "America's Car Museum." 

Opened in June 2012 in downtown Tacoma, this amazing destination is one of the world's largest auto museums. Admire beautifully showcased cars from 1906 through to present day on the nine-acre campus. The museum lists  its mission as "a non-profit organization chartered to preserve and interpret the history and technology of the automobile and its influence on American culture." The museum's grounds and campus include exhibit halls, sitting areas, and collector-car storage for museum members. There's also the cafe, with classics by Pacific Grill; and a museum store.1956 Continental Mark II, at the LeMay-America's Car Museum in Tacoma WA — Photo courtesy of LeMay - America's Car Museum

The LeMay isn't only for older, more knowledgeable auto enthusiasts. The site offers a curriculum packet that's free for use, geared towards grades K-5. The 350+-car museum collection includes autos from private collectors, but most come from the LeMay collection - which, in the mid-1990s, numbered at over 3,500 cars.

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Lesli wonders, in this amazing collection (which includes the car from the 1994 Flintstones movie) where is the Batmobile...?

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