Seattle Shines When the Sun Goes Down at These Dancing Hot Spots

Corinne Whiting

By , Local Expert, Seattle
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As a progressive and culturally open city, Seattle was early to the club culture phenomenon. When disco waned and electronic beats took over nightclubs across the land, the Emerald City was right on the forefront of that trend with clubs like Neighbours, one of the city’s original GLBT nightspots. Opened in 1983, the innovative club is still in action, but it now has plenty of competition in its own Capitol Hill neighborhood, as well as in Belltown. Those two nightlife hotspots are home to the city’s largest concentration of underground clubs and swank Euro-style, ultra-lounge spaces, which share the nightlife landscape with...  Read more »

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    Trinity Nightclub

    Trinity Nightclub spices things up with varied spaces offering eclectic, happenin' vibes. Find music genres from hip-hop to house.

    Local Expert Tip: "Acknowledged by many scenesters as the best club in Seattle, Trinity's name has a Goth tinge to it. But on the dance floor genres blend fluidly, with a slate of national and international DJs doling out house, trance, break beats, and jungle, among other styles."

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    Alibi Room

    Alibi Room is a tucked-away hot spot where beats pump and the dance floor quickly fills on weekend nights.

    Local Expert Tip: "Located in a historic brick building, the Alibi Room by day comes off as rustic, all exposed brick and beams with vintage hardwood floors. But don't be fooled. At night the club booms with beats."

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    SEE Sound Lounge

    SEE Sound Lounge offers killer drink deals, a happening dance floor and creatively-named cocktails like The Colbert.

    Local Expert Tip: "This intimate club space was designed for smaller crowds, and the place can be booked for private events such as art shows and openings, birthday parties, bachelorette bashes or corporate events."

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    Showbox at the Market

    Showbox at the Market brings live music downtown, but it also brings a hopping dance floor on nights when bands aren't booked.

    Local Expert Tip: "To be one of the first in the door, if you're 21 years of age or older, the venue welcomes patrons in first who purchase food or drinks in the Green Room (the lounge space at Showbox at the Market, just off the lobby) prior to a show."

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    Contour brings killer happy hour deals and stiff drink pours to an art-filled space, where DJs often enliven the scene.

    Local Expert Tip: "Go for the grub and stay for the party. Contour offers happy hour bargains and solid pours, along with a substantial selection of affordable fare. As with swimming, give yourself a chance to digest before hopping on the dance floor to dance to a decidedly Euro groove."

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    Neighbours, one of the Seattle's longest-running GLBT nightspots, now draws patrons from near and far to its lively dance floor.

    Local Expert Tip: "Neighbours has plenty of competition nowadays, but it is still popular as one of Seattle's oldest GLBT nightspots, having opened on Labor Day weekend in 1983. "

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    Re-bar offers an open atmosphere in which all can enjoy dancing to hip-hop and disco tunes spun by talented...  Read more »

    Local Expert Tip: "This longstanding Seattle favorite is known for its comfortable, come-one-come-all attitude, with no concern for ethnicity or sexual orientation -- and for consistently brining in quality DJs."

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    Baltic Room

    If you're looking for a spacious dance floor, Baltic Room is your place. Serious dance buffs get down in an elegant and hip space.

    Local Expert Tip: "Chill and classy, the Baltic Room made a commitment to club culture with the removal of a large central bar from the main room, making way for much larger dance floor on which to shake your groove thang."

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    Last Supper Club

    Last Supper Club draws dancers to its upstairs, chilled-out space where DJs spin the latest house music on weekend nights.

    Local Expert Tip: "Need a break from the frenetic pace and pounding bass of the main dance floor? Check out the lower-level lounge, where the vibe is chill, with down-tempo beats."

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    Century Ballroom

    Century Ballroom is a Capitol Hill mecca for the dancing crowd; come here from every genre from tap and tango to swing and burlesque.

    Local Expert Tip: "Far from a disco or nightclub, this classy historic ballroom nevertheless offers one of the best dance spots in the city. Conveniently offered at the coat check are complementary mints. Be sure to snag one and pop it in your mouth before dancing up close with random partners."



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