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Art punctuates a room, adding mood, color, tone, and even dissonance. To those who love art, owning an original is an ongoing source of joy. Our choices for the best art galleries in Seattle introduce you to a range of options in terms of price, subject matter, size, and media. As you visit the shops, you'll discover whether representational or abstract art appeals to you, and no matter your style, you're certain to find some item that resonates. Among our favorites are Kirkland Arts Center and Glasshouse Studio.

10 Kirkland Arts Center
For over 40 years, Kirkland Arts Center has presented a broad array of media from only the best in local talent. In addition to eight annual exhibits, the gallery also hosts lectures, concerts and the well-known Holiday Art Sale. Over 50 arts education classes and workshops are offered each quarter, with curriculum for all ages. Housed in the charming, historic Peter Kirk Building, the arts center has an exceptionally knowledgeable staff that can be of assistance as you search for the perfect piece of art. (425-822-7161)

9 The Legacy, Ltd.
Legacy specializes in Northwest Indian art and artifacts, including Alaskan Eskimo art. The collection contains both contemporary and historic pieces, as well as drums, headdresses, cedar chests, and full-size totem poles. The unique gallery is definitely worth a visit — not just as an art gallery, but as a window into Northwest Coast Native American culture. (206-624-6350, 800-729-1562)

8 Traver Gallery
Since 1975, the Traver Gallery has been true to its mission of being a "theatre for visual arts." The space is comprised of over 4000 square feet of exhibit space, with 17-foot ceilings and plenty of natural light. Changing monthly exhibits may feature anything from glass or metal sculpture to mixed media or paintings. Both emerging and established artists are represented. Their sister gallery, Vetri, is located around the corner and features art glass. (206-587-6501)

7 Davidson Galleries
Davidson Galleries was established in 1973 by a mother and son team who wished to exhibit international art prints — a wide range of antique prints is always on display. Additionally, a different local contemporary artist is featured each month. The gallery specializes in contemporary painting, sculpture, prints and drawings, and antique prints. Additional prints are showcased at the Davidson Contemporary location (310 South Washington Street). (206-624-1324, 206-624-6700)

6 Foster / White Gallery
The Foster / White Gallery features approximately 40 local artists who specialize in glass, sculpture, and paintings. For over 30 years, the gallery has exhibited the works of local artists. White-painted walls and hardwood floors ensure that your attention is immediately drawn to the artworks themselves, many of which are created by artists from the Pilchuch Glass School. (206-622-2833)

5 Glasshouse Studio
The Glasshouse Studio was one of the Northwest's first glass-blowing studios. Customers can actually watch the creative process and see artwork as it's designed and made. During the week, you'll often find artists at work, and each month works by a new local artist are displayed in the windows. Vases and bowls on exhibit are some of the most popular items. (206-682-9939)

4 Greg Kucera Gallery
The Greg Kucera Gallery focuses on contemporary artwork, namely paintings, sculpture, and prints. Exhibitions often address prevalent issues in modern society, particularly those with political themes. They include both solo and group shows, from both emerging artists and established masters. Artists represented include Michael Ehle, Frank Stella, Henri Matisse, Sally Mann, Helen Frankenthaler, David Hockney, and Louise Bourgeois. (206-624-0770)

3 Laguna Pottery
This unique shop features vintage American pottery from the 1800s, as well as more current items. Ceramics enthusiasts will find all sorts of treasures, including dinnerware, planters, and tile-top tables. The colorful, diverse selection (offering more than 6,000 patterns) encompasses the works of numerous manufacturers, including Russel Wright and Eva Zeisel. (206-682-6162)

2 Lakeshore Gallery
Ranked as one of America's top 100 craft galleries, this renowned gallery features a stellar lineup of work, with media such as ceramic, glass, wood, textiles, metals, and jewelry. There's also a good variety of prints, original fine art, and impressionist oil pastels. (425-827-0606)

1 Singer Galleries
This upscale shop features Asian, European, and American antiques dating from the 18th and 19th centuries. Oil paintings, porcelains from various regions, and cut glass items are also available. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful about the inventory, which constantly changes. A "wish list" documents requests of shoppers looking for a particular piece or style. Requests can even be placed via e-mail. (206-285-0394)

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Kirkland Arts Center 10Best List Arrow
Type: Art Galleries
Neighborhood: Redmond
The Legacy, Ltd. 10Best List Arrow
Type: Art Galleries, Fine Craft Galleries, Native American Art Galleries
Davidson Galleries 10Best List Arrow
Type: 19th - 20th Century Art Galleries, Art Galleries, Contemporary Art Galleries
Foster / White Gallery 10Best List Arrow
Type: Art Galleries, Contemporary Art Galleries, Sculpture Galleries
Glasshouse Studio 10Best List Arrow
Type: Art Galleries, Fine Craft Galleries
Greg Kucera Gallery 10Best List Arrow
Type: Art Galleries, Contemporary Art Galleries, Sculpture Galleries
Laguna Pottery 10Best List Arrow
Type: Antique Shops, Art Galleries, Fine Craft Galleries
Lakeshore Gallery 10Best List Arrow
Type: Art Galleries
Neighborhood: DOWNTOWN
Singer Galleries 10Best List Arrow
Type: Antique Shops, Art Galleries
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