Best Madison, WI Restaurants

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    10. Ella's Deli

    Much-loved by children, this whimsical eatery mesmerizes young and old alike with its displays of vintage toys, suspended collectibles, and animated figures. There's even a merry-go-round out front that has all the...

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    8. Bandung Restaurant

    Named for a prominent city on the island of Java, this Indonesian restaurant breathes life into Madison's dining scene. The family-run place, adorned with artwork and artifacts, promises a culinary adventure, thanks...

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    7. Bahn Thai

    Should you find yourself craving fresh vegetables and lemongrass-scented dishes that recall Far Eastern culinary traditions, this intimate place is well-equipped to sate the desire. Madison's first Thai restaurant...

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    6. Restaurant Magnus

    Gracious and sophisticated, this restaurant has risen steadily in the eyes of patrons and critics since its much-anticipated premiere and is lauded for both cuisine and nightlife. A refined setting serves as apt...

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    5. Tornado Club Steak House

    Mellow and softly lit, this celebrated restaurant makes a strong showing as one of Madison's top steak houses. Flawless cuts of beef arrive with a crisp crust and pink, juicy interior, whether you choose an 8-ounce...

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    4. Lombardino's

    A city institution, Lombardino's has been one of Madison's most recognizable restaurants since 1952. Given to kitschy charm, the interior is a throwback to Italian eateries of past decades, a look patrons love for...

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    3. L'Etoile

    Arguably the city's most renowned restaurant, this much-applauded enterprise revels in the attention of chef-proprietor Tory Miller. Sublime cuisine marries the best local Wisconsin ingredients with French culinary...

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    1. Harvest

    A simple, elegant dining room sets the scene for this wonderful restaurant, whose chef-owners trained at nearby L'Etoile. The accomplished cuisine relies on fresh, seasonal ingredients and may feature buttermilk and...

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