Trying to find the best Steakhouses in Madison? 10Best has you covered. Our editors and locals search the city and suburbs for the top places. Then, we showcase popular restaurants like Tornado Club Steak House, and we highlight eateries with great user reviews, like Smoky's Club. We also help you find areas where Steakhouses are prominent - Downtown, for example - so that you not only get terrific dining recommendations, but you also have choices to boot. After all, if you're going to eat, you may as well do it right and take advantage of Madison's best.

Cleanly elegant and rife with luxurious materials and details, this sophisticated steak house makes a perfect destination for special-occasion or expense-account dining. Aged steaks range from the signature rib-eye to tenderloins and NY strips....  Read More

Tornado Club Steak House

Mellow and softly lit, this celebrated restaurant makes a strong showing as one of Madison's top steak houses. Flawless cuts of beef arrive with a crisp crust and pink, juicy interior, whether you choose an 8-ounce filet or a 25-ounce rib-eye....  Read More

Capitol Chophouse

This hotel establishment touts itself as having "steak, seafood, style," and you can rest assured that you'll find all three. In fact, evidenced by a seafood martini and Angus beef carpaccio, specialties are prominent from the get-go. After...  Read More

Smoky's Club

Considered one of the Midwest's top steakhouses, Smoky's has been pleasing patrons since 1952. The family-run operation diligently chooses its steaks and sears them on a sizzling grill. The result is tender, juicy, perfectly cooked beef. A brief...  Read More

Delaney's Steaks and Seafood

Comfortable without being ostentatious, Delaney's is one of those places where you know you'll enjoy good steaks and good ambience. A stone's throw from West Towne Mall, the restaurant offers up a variety of steaks and chops, including pork and...  Read More