Maple Bacon Caesar: You Can Drink It

This libation was created using only Canadian ingredients

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Forget about the salad: the Caesar cocktail is a favored apres-ski beverage, but also known as a tasty 'hair of the dog' remedy following a big night out.  One Vancouver restaurant took this popular drink a step further and created the Maple Bacon Caesar, subscribing to the 'you either love bacon, or you're wrong' theory. 

The Caesar Cocktail

A "standard" Caesar cocktail is made with vodka and Clamato juice (and this is where it differs from a Bloody Mary, but don't let it scare you off).  The Clamato and vodka is mixed with a few dashes of Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, and then rimmed with a salty spice blend.  Lastly, the standard Caesar's standard  garnish is a wedge of lime and a celery stick.

Ordering a Caesar in Canada is like ordering an espresso in Italy; there are certain requirements for preparation, ingredients and ordering that go into it. Depending on where you're ordering one, you will see garnishes that range from a simple celery stick, to a pickled bean, a pepperoni stick, olive skewers, a wedge of lime, a cooked prawn, or a crunchy slice of maple bacon at Edible Canada.

The Maple Bacon Caesar Cocktail

However, Vancouver's Edible Canada restaurant upped the ante when creating the Maple Bacon Caesar.  Yes, people . . . maple bacon!  Edible Canada focuses on using products primarily sourced from Canada and British Columbia: food and drink inspired by what's available at Granville Island's Public Market.

Sea to Sky's bacon salt — Photo courtesy of Edible Canada

Recipe for Maple Bacon Caesar cocktail

In the Maple Bacon Caesar you will find a mix of Clamato juice, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, Canadian vodka, fresh horseradish that is grated in-house, and then - this is where things get a little crazy/awesome - the rim is garnished with bacon salt and the drink finished with a perfectly cooked, crunchy skewer of Oyama's maple bacon.  (Oyama is a favorite market vendor: for its meats, homemade terrines, pates, sausages and cured meats).   The Sea-to-Sky bacon salt even uses Oyama's bacon. 

The glorious Maple Bacon Caesar — Photo courtesy of Edible Canada

You can make this fantastic drink yourself, and surprise your friends.  Pick up the ingredients when you're here in Vancouver, or order the salt online.  You'll need the maple bacon from Oyama in the Public Market (or source it from your own favorite online meat market).  After tasting a Maple Bacon Caesar, it might be hard to go back to the standard you'll find at most other places. 


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