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Chocolate Worth Traveling For

Norman Love chocolates — Photo courtesy of Courtesy of Norman Love  Norman Love Chocolate Salon tantalizes all who enter, with its artful sweets.  The salon, near Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Myers, Florida, is the creation of  chocolatier/namesake Norman Love, who purveys his sweets to sweet-struck visitors.  Four-star resorts and venues across America are proud to sell Norman Love's four-star confections, but you can pop in to the salon yourself, and ship or carry out all that catch your fancy.

Ghiradelli is prominent San Francisco icon — Photo courtesy of youraddresshere  San Francisco's famous confectioner and chocolatier started business around the time of the California Gold Rush, and business has been booming ever since. Today, the Ghirardelli Chocolate Company produces a variety of milk, dark, and flavored chocolates available at their flagship store in Ghirardelli Square-- once home to their main factory and now a historic landmark. Ghirardelli prides itself on being the "premium chocolate company" in the United States and is a must-see-and-taste for city visitors. 

Raw Cacao — Photo courtesy of Everjean  The intense flavor and gritty texture of organic, stone ground chocolate of Costa Rica may take you by surprise. Tour Chocorart's cacao plantation on the Caribbean coast to explore the traditional to artisanal process, or if you're looking for just a taste, stop by Chocorart's new roadside Chocolateria and indulge in a hot chocolate with a twist. Look for jars of Chocorart's signature sticks in natural flavors like mint, vanilla and cinnamon wrapped in brightly colored wax paper near the registers at some markets in Puerto Viejo; they make energizing snacks and affordable souvenirs for chocolate lovers back home.  

La Maison du Chocolat hamper — Photo courtesy of Selfridge's of London Selfridge's, one of London's most revered high-end department stores, offers the best and largest range of chocolates.  Head to Oxford Street to get your fix by stocking up on Lindt and Toblerone melt-in-your-mouth sweets.   Better yet, treat yourself or someone special  to a La Maison du Chocolat Hamper.   We're also betting you know someone who would appreciate a chocolate mustache, a variety of which you'll discover at Selfridge's.

[PHOTO_102412] It hits when you drive into town: the smell of chocolate.  Hershey, PA, AKA “The Sweetest Place on Earth,” is a town 90-minutes from Philly that was literally founded on chocolate. While one could spend days eating one’s way through, the main attraction is Hershey’s Chocolate World. It’s here where visitors learn how chocolate is made during a lively and free tour, which ends inside one of the biggest chocolate stores in the world. Make candy bars, sip a hot Aztec drinking chocolate and take home the world’s largest Hershey’s Kiss.

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