The Perfect Pie at 'The Last Beautiful Place on Earth'

Learn how to bake with master pie maker Kate McDermott at The Resort at Paws up in Montana


No one understands the importance of a good pie crust more than Kate McDermott. Fondly referred to as “the pie whisperer,” Kate is known for her perfect crusts and sweetly balanced fillings, which she has perfected over the years through much practice, at least one pie a day to be exact.Apple Pies Cooling
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Although she has been baking since she was a young girl, it was not until she moved to Washington state that she discovered her love of pie.

In 2005, McDermott turned that love into a career, teaching and helping people everywhere find the beauty and joy that come with making a pie from scratch. Never classically trained, her method is far from traditional, going against the strict teachings of textbooks and basic 1-2-3 pie doughs. She chooses to follow her senses and let the ingredients guide her. She feels the dough, and if more water is needed than she’ll add it. A quick taste of the fruit dictates whether the amount of sugar should be lowered or raised.

McDermott has worked to make pies an art rather than a science, each with a personal touch. With her guidance, you not only learn how to bake the best pie you may ever eat -- but also that in order to do so you must trust your instincts and engage all of your senses. The number one ingredient that  shines above the rest is the love she has for pies and the pie-making process.Fresh Pie From The Oven
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Just in time for the holidays, The Resort at Paws Up in Greenough, MT is hosting Kate McDermott to teach the first ever Upper Crust Pie Workshop October 11th-14th.  Whether you are an experienced pie baker, a novice, or simply seeking inspiration, look no further. McDermott's free-spirited and engaging classes are sure to be a hit in this tranquil setting, making for the perfect weekend away.

And no need to worry about capturing the moment, New York Times food photographer Andrew Scrivani will also be in attendance, teaching guests the basics of food photography along the way.  When you are not busy rolling out dough, you can take advantage of one of the many activities offered throughout the sprawling 37,000 acre ranch, ranging from guided trail hikes, fly-fishing, horseback riding, and a breathtaking spa.Morning Fog Settling Over The Land
Photo courtesy of The Resort at Paws Up

The workshop, which starts at $5,361 for two people, includes transportation to and from the resort, wine pairings and exclusive dinners by resident chefs Dale Levitski and Ben Jones, and also by featured chef Robin Leventhal, as well as numerous options for daily adventures to explore the beautiful grounds. Surrounded by the picturesque Montana landscape, good company, and mouthwatering pies, this is the perfect recipe for the perfect weekend.


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