10 Best: The Most Famous Golf Course You've Never Heard Of

Tubac Golf Resort & Spa witnessed golf history, even if it was fake

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When asked about important and historic golf courses, your mind might immediately go to the obvious answers like St. Andrews, Augusta and Pinehurst. So many great moments in the game have occurred at those courses that it's hard to argue their prominence. But what if I told you that one of the greatest moments in golf history occurred at Tubac Golf Resort & Spa in Arizona?

Ever heard of it? Probably not, but you've seen it. Tubac hosted the "US Open" depicted in the classic golf movie Tin Cup.  Yes, you too can make a 12 on the same hole that Roy "Tin Cup" McAvoy pridefully blew his chances at the championship, although in real life that hole is the fourth, not the 18th as shown in the film. If you really want the authentic experience, break all of your clubs - except the 7 iron - on the third hole tee box and play it from there.

The goal is simply not to make a 12 — Photo courtesy of Tubac Golf Resort & Spa

Tubac Golf Resort & Spa is located between Tucson and the Mexican border and is made up of 27 holes of golf and 98 suites, casitas and posadas. The spa is recognized as one of the leading spas in Arizona and features all of the treatments you have come to expect from fine resorts.

The village of Tubac is known as a bohemian village rich in artisans plying their trade, historical sites and culture. The Tumacacori National Historical Park, about four miles away from the resort, contains the ruins of three Spanish colonial missions that date back to the turn of the 18th century.

There are plenty of courses around the world that served as backdrops to golf history, but there are very few that were backdrops to fictional, but equally important, golf history.

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