Are You Guilty of These Travel No-No's?

You're not one of those people, are you?


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Check off each offensive thing you've done and we'll decide whether or not you should be allowed to travel!

  • Standing way too close to someone else in line, like a Seinfeld bit waiting to happen
  • Not having your Ziploc bag of liquids and stuff ready for the TSA guys
  • Taking forever to slip off your shoes for the whole security thing
  • Searing your too-revealing clothing into everyone else's eyeballs (let's just say "underbooty" and leave it at that)
  • Trying to shove your carry-on into the overhead compartment even though it's the size and weight of a Ford Focus
  • Manspreading (this also applies to women!)
  • Shebagging (Google it, and yes, this also applies to men!)
  • Hogging the armrest
  • Being a Chatty Cathy (is that still a thing anyone says?)
  • Half-screaming to your buddy sitting next to you rather than using your inside voice like Mrs. Llewellyn taught you in 1st grade
  • Cranking up your music so loud that even though you're wearing headphones, my ears are bleeding
  • Sneezing/coughing without covering your mouth
  • Traveling even when you're virulently ill and could contaminate everyone, ushering in a plague-ridden zombie apocalypse
  • Reclining your seat without checking behind you
  • Airing out your stinky feet once seated
  • Propping your feet up on something you're not supposed to (which, let's be honest, is everything)
  • Clipping your nails
  • Continuously pushing someone else's seat
  • Smelling like you haven't showered since Perfect Strangers was still on the air
  • Letting your rugrats wreak havoc without any real supervision on the plane/train/whatever
  • Changing a diaper outside of the bathroom (your baby's or your own!)
  • Guzzling Leaving Las Vegas-levels of booze
  • Eating pancakes out of a shopping bag
  • Dozing off on the stranger sitting next to you
  • Gawking at porn on your phone or laptop
  • Getting, ahem, busy underneath your airplane blanket – solo
  • Getting busy underneath your airplane blanket – with a partner
  • Filling the plane with the stench of your noxious lunch
  • Spending half the flight in the bathroom – what are you even doing in there?
  • Making a mad dash to be the first person off the plane/bus/train

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