Boo! Can You Guess Which of These Famous Landmarks Are Haunted?

Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters, yeah, but you could give us a ring too


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1. Is there something spooky about the Statue of Liberty?


2. Anything supernatural about St. Basil's Cathedral?

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3. Is the Grand Canyon full of ghosts?


4. Is it eerie at the Eiffel Tower?

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5. Sense the paranormal at the Tower of Pisa?

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6. Is there something weird going on at the Louvre?

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7. Is the Hollywood Sign really haunted?


8. Is it ghoulish at the Great Pyramid of Giza?

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9. Has Big Ben got a bad spirit problem?

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10. Does the U.S. Capitol give you chills?

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11. Does the Colosseum creep you out?


12. Are there ghastly goings-on at the Great Wall of China?


13. Is the Trevi Fountain terrifying?

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14. Is the Space Needle super scary?

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15. Is it petrifying at the Palace of Versailles?

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