Do You Know Which Destination Names Are Real?

They're real and they're spectacular


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Choose the place you think is real for each question to see how you stack up.

1. Which container-themed place is real?

  • Bottle Cap

  • Jug Hole

  • Pitcher Handle

  • Mason Jar


2. Which boozy burg could you actually visit?

  • Ginjoint

  • Liquor Lick

  • Scotch City

  • Whiskeytown


3. Which dull destination can you truly find on a map?

  • Boring

  • Mundane

  • Ho Hum Hollow

  • Bummer


4. Which repetitive location really exists?

  • Suusuusuu

  • Pipipi

  • Moomoo

  • Gogogogo


5. Which lake is legitimate?

  • Lake Trepidity

  • Lake Disappointment

  • Drench Lake

  • Lake Lifeless


6. Which place is positively real?

  • Lost

  • Hidden

  • Gone

  • Found


7. Which anatomically-inspired area is authentic?

  • Chestown

  • Toothburg

  • Buttzville

  • Nosemont


8. Which town with an identity crisis exists?

  • Nameless

  • Anonymous

  • Unknown

  • Incognito


9. Which dastardly domain is the real deal?

  • Devils Dynasty

  • Luciferland

  • Beelzebub County

  • Satans Kingdom


10. Which long-named locale can really be found in the record books?

  • Spafragcaldociousexpallynwaynochistioushire

  • Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch

  • Bicetapbeketwaaiuplochllewynprashinghamingtonbicetelltehwaaiup

  • Warrletoofairtoonapllweyngwynyparrlemoor


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