The Many Exotic Cultures of Canada

No matter what part of Canada you're visiting, explore the traditions, flavors and sights from around the world

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You don't have to look hard to find diversity across Canada and in large cities across the country it's just a part of every day life. From the Greek bakery that sells spectacular baklava, to the Korean grocery store that sells bibimbap to go, and just about everything in between, Canada is home for a multitude of different cultures.

Celtic Culture

Starting on the Eastern coast of Canada, you will find a heavy Celtic community that's a mix of new immigrants and people whose grandparents emigrated from Scotland and Ireland years and years ago. The Celtic influence can be found in many aspects of the area, but one of the most fun is the fiddle community. Foot-stomping live music is essential amongst many Celtic communities and if you have a chance to check out a show, you will be glad you did. Celtic dancers put on a show — Photo courtesy of Celtic Fest Vancouver (Facebook)

The French

Quebec is rich in history, has beautiful architecture and is known for having a heavy French influence. Canada is a bi-lingual country and many Canadians know how to speak French, but Quebec is where you will find a large percentage of the population that speak it as their first language. In fact, around 80% speak it as their mother tongue. Throughout your travels across Canada, you will notice that when you buy something with writing (say a box of cereal), it will have both French and English on it. Canadian French is not quite the same as France's French, and you will notice that each region has its own linguistic quirks.


Canada's Aboriginal people are a very important part of Canada's heritage and culture. Throughout the country are communities of First Nations, Metis and Inuit who all have distinctive cultures, languages, art and music. While in British Columbia you will notice plentiful First Nations art throughout many aspects of the province. The skill, talent and meaning that goes into each piece is quite incredible. The Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver has a spectacular collection of First Nations pieces that will impress. Bill Reid's Wasgo — Photo courtesy of Museum of Anthropology (Facebook)

Italian, Greek, Portugese, Latin American and Caribbean

Toronto is Canada's largest city and it's no surprise that you will find the largest mix of culture there. Little Italy (College Street West) in Toronto is home to a number of Italian restaurants and businesses. In the same area you will find a significant Portuguese and Latin American community as well. Enjoy souvlaki, baklava, saganaki and other delicious eats in Greektown along the Danforth. One of the most fun and popular events in Toronto is Caribana. Imagine two million people celebrating Caribbean cultures with dance, music, amazing outfits and awesome food! It's a party that should not be missed!  Caribana in Toronto is a must! — Photo courtesy of Caribana Toronto (Facebook)

Asian Culture

Canada's Asian population is diverse and plentiful. Next to San Fransisco, Vancouver has the second largest Chinatown in North America. While Richmond, B.C. is known for having a large Asian community. It's a real treat to explore these parts of Vancouver and Richmond, especially if you like to eat. You will find everything from Chinese, to Thai, Korean, Filipino, Japanese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Indian and more! Throughout the year, you join in the cultural celebrations that are vibrant and a fun way to learn about different cultures.

No matter what part of Canada you're visiting, diversity is a big part of Canadian communities and we encourage you to learn and explore.

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