10 Best Airports Offering Free WiFi

These hubs make layovers much more enjoyable


Whether you have a short layover or a major delay, nobody looks forward to sitting around in an airport. Luckily, some airports have gone the extra mile to make the traveler experience comfortable, convenient and entertaining by offering extra perks like free WiFi. Next time you're planning a trip, try to schedule your stopovers in one of these 10 best airports offering free WiFi.Photo courtesy of Jean-Etienne Minh-Duy Poirrier

Vancouver International (YVR)

Besides offering unlimited free wireless internet access, Vancouver's international airport has plenty to keep you entertained, including a 30,000-gallon aquarium.Jellyfish at the Vancouver Airport — Photo courtesy of Thomas Quine

Portland International (PDX)

While you're surfing the internet -- PDX has been offering free wireless for years now -- you can sip on a microbrew from Portland's own Rogue Ales.

Helsinki Vantaa Airport (HEL)

Not only can you surf the net for free in Helsinki Vantaa Airport, you can also wirelessly charge your mobile devices at Powerkiss stations throughout the airport.Wireless charging station in Helsinki — Photo courtesy of Helsinki Vantaa

Salt Lake City International (SLC)

With an average of more than five electrical outlets and USB ports at each gate with two dozen additional workstations scattered throughout, you'll have no trouble keeping charged and online when waiting in the Salt Lake City airport.

Kuala Lumpur International (KUL)

Kuala Lumpur serves as a stopover for one of Asia's biggest budget airlines, so chances are you'll spend some time here when traveling through Asia. Luckily, free WiFi will keep you entertained while awake and long, arm rest-free padded benches will help you catch some Zs.

McCarran International (LAS)

As one of the United State's most wired airports, McCarran International in Las Vegas has a whole lot to offer, including slots and online gambling where you can test your luck one last time.Slots at McCarran International — Photo courtesy of Paul Lowry

Hong Kong International (HKG)

Aside from having fast and free WiFi, Hong Kong offers world class shopping, children's play areas and TV viewing stations, loungers for a quick nap and a wealth of cultural experiences, like tea making ceremonies and Chinese medicine demos.

Sacramento International (SMF)

Sacramento International Airport has been offering free WiFi in its terminals since 2006, and with triangular outlet- and USB-equipped tables scattered throughout, you'll be able to power up as well.

Singapore Changi (SIN)

Singapore's international airport finds itself on the top of best airport lists all the time, and not just for the free WiFi. The airport offers free city tours for passengers on long layovers as well as movies, live music, video game stations and several gardens.

Phoenix Sky Harbor (PHX)

The wireless connection at Phoenix Sky Harbor is fast on both sides of the security checkpoint, so you can get online even if you're simply waiting to pick someone up.

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