10 In-Flight Calls You Just Shouldn't Make

Cellphones and airplanes don't always mix

By ; published Wednesday, December 11th, 2013
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As lawmakers and airlines discuss the pros and cons of in-flight cellphone calls, we take a look at 10 calls you just shouldn't make in a public place.

1. A therapy session with your addiction counselor

2. A job application as a phone sex operator

3. Giving or receiving instructions for lice removal

4. Telling a lie, regarding your whereabouts, to the police, a loan shark or the mafia

5. Any conversation with someone who's in a loud place

6. Placing bets with your bookie

7. An intimate, detailed chat with your sexual partner

8. Describing a book or movie scene involving terrorism, explosives or a plane crash

9. A conversation with a divorce attorney or criminal defense lawyer

10. Any discussion of any kind with your gastroenterologist

 USA TODAY:  FCC could lift ban in 2014 


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