10Best Things to Do at Burning Man

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    10Best Things to Do at Burning Man

    The popular Burning Man event in Nevada's Black Rock Desert gets bigger and more elaborate each year. Photos of dust-covered attendees, giant Trojan horses and a wooden effigy of a Man pop up all over the Web. You can view art and amazing camp structures in Black Rock City; jump on trampolines and ride the spinning Teeter Totter of Death. But here are the lesser-mentioned things to do at this event that takes place during the last week of August.

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    Light up the night

    What usually knocks Burning Man newbies right over are the lights at night: Art Cars, LEDs, EL wire, fire spinners, you name it. It's out there when the sun goes down. The lights can be seen from miles and even from space.

    Photo courtesy of Harry Thomas

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    VIsit some cool camps

    Many people are blown away by how elaborate many of the camps are at Burning Man. Participants come to Burning Man for more than a week and "live" in various tents, trailers and structures. The Ashram Galactica camp has a nightly contest where they raffle off several fully furnished bunk tents with themes like "French Boudoir."

    Photo courtesy of Christina Nellemann

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    Get violent (with foam bats)

    The Death Guild dance club in San Francisco erects the riotous Thunderdome each year on the Esplanade, the main street of Black Rock City. Participants attach themselves to bungee cords and bash at each other with foam bats while heavy metal music plays. A must-do in Black Rock City.

    Photo courtesy of Harry Thomas

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    Be a kid again

    Burning Man is all about finding your inner child. Start your day with a ride on a giant swing set or a trampoline and end it with a trapeze lesson and cotton candy served by a woman with purple hair.

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    Ride on a Mutant Vehicle

    Mutant Vehicles are one way to get around the nearly 60 miles of roads at Burning Man. The motorized creations show little or no resemblance to their original form and can look like golden dragons, sea creatures, pirate ships, birthday cakes and even a handbasket going to Hell.

    Photo courtesy of BLM Nevada

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    Stand in line

    No one ever likes to stand in line, but at Burning Man a line becomes a party. Stand in line to get into the event, to get out of the event, to get ice, to get waffles, to ride some colorful helium balloons or get your fortune told.

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    Fall in love with a Steampunk octopus

    A lot of the art at Burning Man has a cult following. The mobile, fire-breathing El Pulpo Mecanico attracts adoring crowds wherever it goes.

    Photo courtesy of Harry Thomas

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    Lend a hand

    Much of Burning Man depends on community, interaction and group effort. The large camps, artwork and even the event itself would not exist without it. The Billion Jelly Bloom depends on volunteers from the audience.

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    Get lost

    Burning Man is huge and getting lost is part of the adventure. Black Rock City and the Playa are organic and mutate throughout the week. To orient yourself, look for tall artwork or structures like the Truth is Beauty statue.

    Photo courtesy of Harry Thomas

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    Watch the Burn(s)

    Of course, most people head to Burning Man to watch the Man burn. However, there are other burns scheduled throughout the week for various large structures–many preceded by some amazing fireworks shows,

    Photo courtesy of Harry Thomas

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