Dogs in the City! Four-Footed Family Members Travel Too

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    Southhampton's Toby Takes Trains

    The debut of Dogs in the City on CBS (May 30) reminds us all that four-legged family members like vacation, too! Toby the Beagle is a traveling champ: he's seen here waiting on the train in Southampton, UK.

    Photo courtesy of prettyinprint

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    Suds in Seattle

    This pooch is chilling in a nice, relaxing shower at Hotel Max in Seattle.  A dog that actually likes taking a bath . . . who knew?

    Photo courtesy of Hotel Max

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    Brody the Boston Terrier

    Even though Brody is a Boston Terrier, he plays hard on the shores of the Outer Banks.

    Photo courtesy of Greg Burkett

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    This Pooch in Portugal Calls Lisbon Home

    This urban dog keeps watch over the streets of Lisbon and enjoys his luxurious balcony view.

    Photo courtesy of Paul Bernhardt

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    Cafe Canine

    Quite the urbanite, this dog doesn't miss an opportunity to enjoy lunch with friends on a lovely San Diego afternoon.

    Photo courtesy of Joanne DiBona

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    Proud Pup in San Francisco

    A proud pup struts his stuff in the San Francisco Pride Parade.  If you want to see even more proud pups up close and personal, the 2012 parade takes place on June 24.

    Photo courtesy of Neils Photography

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    A Yorkie in Chicago

    This Chicago-based Yorkie socializes with friends of the canine persuasion at a local puppy play group.  How does she keep her long locks looking so nice in the Windy City?

    Photo courtesy of wsilver

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    "Un Cane" in Scopello, Sicily

    This fine-looking fellow is Italiano . . . and was seen holding down the fort in Scopello, Sicily.  Wonder if he barks in Italian? 

    Photo courtesy of Joanne DiBona

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    Django in Lauderdale

    Django keeps a weather eye when boating on the Intracoastal Waterway in Fort Lauderdale.  Under his watch, it's smooth sailing.

    Photo courtesy of Miranda Borchardt

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    Palm Springs Pup

    This Palm Springs girl - with her golden locks - fits right in with the crowd.

    Photo courtesy of saltaylorkydd

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