Ed Peters, Hong Kong Local Expert

About Ed

Ed Peters has been based in Asia for most of his adult life, and counts Hong Kong as his second home. While he lives in a farming village on one of the outlying islands, getting to the city center takes only half-an-hour by ferry. And it's only 30 minutes by taxi to Hong Kong's futuristic international airport. These are just two of Hong Kong's many attractions – the blend of urban and rural, and the ease of getting around what must be one of the most exciting cities on the planet.

Special Interests

Ed knows a lot about:

  • British eccentrics
  • Nepalese trekking
  • Modern literature

Ed's Special Recommendations for Hong Kong

Ed says, "Don't leave Hong Kong without... hopping on one of the ferries that link Hong Kong Island with Kowloon and the outer islands."

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