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About Gina

Gina carries the rare title of "Native Floridian". Living in Southwest Florida for 22 years, she is a well known, award winning radio and TV personality. 

Besides brandishing a microphone, Gina is good with a camera and computer, publishing a restaurant guide for Lee County called FLAVOR.

Gina is a self-proclaimed Oenophile, traveling to wine regions all over the world to sip what she calls "the nectar of the Gods." When not in the vineyards she loves to explore beautiful beaches and new restaurants.

You can find more of her musings in her blog "The Birch Beat" (

Special Interests

Gina knows a lot about:

  • Wine travel
  • packing light
  • beaches

Gina's Special Recommendations for Fort Myers

Gina says, "Don't leave Fort Myers without getting a Maple Bacon Donut and a cup of fresh ground coffee at Bennett's Fresh Roast."

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