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  • Here's how things look in California after the wildfires

    Despite being born and raised in the New York countryside, I’m a Californian. I’ve lived here longer than anywhere else, but the sense of home I feel comes not from my years in residence, but from the connection I feel in my soul. That’s why my heart ached watching rampant wildfires spread through both northern and southern California last year.  Although the devastation was severe, California is never... Continue Reading >

  • How to use essential oils when you travel

    Offering hundreds of thousands of applications, and centuries of usage to prove their benefits, essential oils should be on your radar (if they aren't already).  They have proven anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, beneficial in boosting one's physical health.  And they're therapeutic in ways that positively impact your emotional, spiritual and environmental wellness. With the ability to... Continue Reading >

  • Have a super(hero) summer in Orlando

    Maybe you’ve been wearing your bath towel like a cape since you were a kid, pretending to fly. Maybe you’re a comic book fan searching for something akin to full immersion in the worlds you’ve come to love. Maybe you’re a mom or dad looking to rack up cool-parent points with the rugrats. The good news? You don’t have to risk a bite from a radioactive spider to feel that sublime, superhero synergy. All of... Continue Reading >

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  • 10 reasons why Fort Worth is visit-worthy

    It’s the "city of cowboys and culture," but let’s face it, it’s the cowboys that most people associate with Fort Worth. After all, its nickname is Cowtown. You probably already know about the historic Stockyards, where you can still see the world’s only twice-daily cattle drive, and the world-renowned zoo. You probably also know about the authentic BBQ and Tex-Mex.  But what about the art? The... Continue Reading >