Best Budget Travel Blogger (2014)


Winners in the 10Best Readers’ Choice New Media Award for Best Budget Travel Blogger have just been announced after a four-week voting period ended earlier this week. The winners are as follows:

  • Wanderlust and Lipstick

    Wanderlust and Lipstick
    Beth Whitman

    Beth Whitman wears many hats as a seasoned traveler, businesswoman and guide. She leads small group adventures to off-the-beaten-path destinations, she's the author of the Wanderlust and Lipstick guides for women travelers and the publisher of the Wanderlust and Lipstick website featuring tips to make the most of adventurous travels without going broke.

  • Y Travel Blog

    Y Travel Blog
    Caz Makepeace

    Caz Makepeace is a serial traveller and blogger, outdoor adventurer, sports fanatic, and sunset mojito lover. She also wears the hats of writer, speaker, social media influencer, and mentor. She travels with her better half, Craig and shares the world through their stories, which offer an abundance of tips to help people nurture their desire for travel at their Y Travel Blog.

  • The Savvy Backpacker

    The Savvy Backpacker
    James Feess

    The Savvy Backpacker, created by James Feess and his wife, Susan, is dedicated to helping future travelers plan their budget-backpacking trip to Europe. But this differs from most other travel sites because of its focus on all the nitty-gritty details of planning and preparing for a trip – not the destinations themselves.

  • Hobo Traveler

    Hobo Traveler
    Andy Lee Graham

    Andy Lee Graham started traveling on the cheap in 1998 and has perpetually traveled the planet for 16 years, exploring more than 90 countries. Follow his adventures at Hobo Traveler.

  • Budget Traveller

    Budget Traveller
    Kash Bhattacharya

    Kash Bhattacharya has been traveling on a budget for the last four years, blogging about his adventures with tips and advice from the road at Budget Traveller.

  • Budget Travel Budget Travel
    Mark Kahler

    Many people let concerns about money keep them from seeing the world's greatest places, while others assume only "big name" destinations (with prices to match) are worth seeing. Mark Kahler thinks, "these mistakes can deprive you of life's most satisfying travel experiences." He knows the ways to afford the dream trip or just a nice family vacation and shares them at's Budget Travel.

  • Euro Cheapo

    Euro Cheapo
    Tom Meyers

    Tom Meyers started Euro Cheapo in 2000 and blasted off for Europe in search of deals. He returned to New York in 2002, set up an office, and has led the Euro Cheapo team from the Big Apple ever since. Updating the site and staying on top of the listings keeps him busy with frequent trips to Europe – always on a budget.

  • Traveling Mom

    Traveling Mom
    Kim Orlando

    After years of traveling every week for business, Kim Orlando sought out other moms who traveled to understand how they dealt with the guilt, family budgets, the scheduling and their personal relationships. Her site, Traveling Mom, dispenses advice from the trenches to help make travel–and life–much easier and often much more fun for the working adult.

  • Leave Your Daily Hell

    Leave Your Daily Hell
    Robert Schrader

    Robert Schrader's Leave Your Daily Hell blog inspires, informs, entertains and empowers tens of thousands of travelers a month. His unusual take on travel, vacations, and everyday life gives his insights a real-world usability with an entertaining twist.

  • Rick Steves' Europe

    Rick Steves' Europe
    Rick Steves

    Rick Steves advocates smart, affordable, perspective-broadening travel on his blog, Rick Steves’ Europe. He also writes European travel guidebooks and hosts travel shows on public television and public radio.

  1. Beth Whitman (Wanderlust and Lipstick
  2. Caz Makepeace (Y Travel Blog)
  3. James Feess (The Savvy Backpacker)
  4. Andy Lee Graham (Hobo Traveler)
  5. Kash Bhattacharya (Budget Traveller)
  6. Mark Kahler ( Budget Travel)
  7. Tom Meyers (Euro Cheapo)
  8. Kim Orlando (Traveling Mom)
  9. Robert Schrader (Leave Your Daily Hell)
  10. Rick Steves (Rick Steves' Europe)

A panel of experts picked 20 initial nominees, and winners were then determined by popular vote. Experts Nora Dunn (The Professional Hobo), Christopher Elliott ( and Michelle M. Winner (Culinary Traveler) were chosen based on their extensive experience in social media and focus on thrifty travel strategies.

It was a tight race throughout the month of voting. Additional nominees included Reid Bramblett (Reid's Guides), Jeremy Branham (Budget Travel Adventures), Arthur Frommer (Frommer's Arthur Frommer Online), Samuel Jeffrey (Nomadic Samuel), Sean Keener (BootsnAll), Tim Leffel (Tim Leffel's Cheapest Destinations), Wes Nations (Johnny Vagabond), Stephanie Ockerman (The Travel Chica), Sarah Schlichter (Independent Traveler), and Agness Walewinder (eTramping).

10Best and USA TODAY extend their congratulations to all the winners. The contest was promoted on 10Best and USA TODAY. Upcoming New Media Awards include Best Travel and Food Blogger, Best Business Travel Blogger, Best Hiking and Outdoors Blogger, and Best Travel Photography Blogger.

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Nora Dunn

Nora Dunn

Nora Dunn

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Christopher Elliott

Christopher Elliott

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Michelle M. Winner

Michelle M. Winner