Best Twitter Travelers (2014)


Winners in the 10Best Readers’ Choice New Media Award for Best Twitter Traveler have just been announced after a four-week voting period ended earlier this week. The winners are as follows:

  • Sara Keagle

    Sara Keagle

    On twitter shares the flight attendant's guide to air travel and author of "The Flight Attendant Survival Guide." Follow Sara on Twitter at @theflyingpinto.

  • Stacy Small

    Stacy Small

    Elite Travel International founder and Virtuoso's 2013 Most Innovative Travel Advisor. Twitter guru and dog rescuer. Follow Stacy on Twitter at @elitetravelgal.

  • Heather Poole

    Heather Poole

    A flight attendant and best-selling author, Heather Poole's tweets are a fun look inside air travel. Follow Heather on Twitter at @heather_poole.

  • Andrew Evans

    Andrew Evans

    National Geographic's Digital Nomad and columnist for @NatGeoTravel magazine. Shares his adventures around the world one tweet at a time. Follow Andrew on Twitter at @wheresandrew

  • Wendy Perrin

    Wendy Perrin

    Twitter travel expert, author, speaker, mom.@TripAdvisor's Travel Advocate. Wendy Perrin Travel Solutions editor and founder. Follow Wendy on Twitter at @wendyperrin.

  • Christine Kirk

    Christine Kirk

    Whether it's food, travel, lifestyle or tech this social muse is in the know. Kirk is always ready with advice, insights and the inside scoop. Follow Christine at Twitter at @luxuryprgal.

  • John DiScala

    John DiScala

    Money-saving travel tweeter who jets to more than 20 countries a year. Co-host of the weekly #Travelskills chat. Follow John on Twitter at @johnnyjet.

  • Jon Ostrower

    Jon Ostrower

    Few cover news about airplanes in 140 characters as well as Jon Ostrower, the Aerospace & Boeing beat reporter for The Wall Street Journal. Follow Jon on Twitter at @jonostrower.

  • Kristin Luna

    Kristin Luna

    Kristin Luna is a travel writer by profession and Southerner by choice. Her tweets bring home the destination and her experiences. Follow Kristin on Twitter at @lunaticatlarge.

  • Stephanie Michaels

    Stephanie Michaels

    An avid lifestyles journalist, TV personality and adventurer her tweets share the ins and outs of travel. Follow Stephanie on Twitter at @adventuregirl.

  1. Sara Keagle - @theflyingpinto
  2. Stacy Small - @elitetravelgal
  3. Heather Poole - @heather_poole
  4. Andrew Evans - @wheresandrew
  5. Wendy Perrin - @WendyPerrin
  6. Christine Kirk - @luxuryprgal
  7. John DiScala - @johnnyjet
  8. Jon Ostrower - @jonostrower
  9. Kristin Luna - @lunaticatlarge
  10. Stephanie Michaels - @AdventureGirl

A panel of four experts picked 20 initial nominees, and winners were then determined by popular vote. Experts Ben Mutzabaugh (@todayinthesky) and Nancy Trejos (@nancytrejos) of USA TODAY, Snowcial founder and CEO of Vail Resorts, Rob Katz (@rickysridge) and Steven Frischling (@flyingwithfish) host of Travelers’ Night In, #TNI on Twitter were chosen based on their extensive experience in social media and focus on Twitter.  

It was a tight race throughout the month of voting. The other nominees included Julia Dimon (@juliadimon), Don George (@Don_George), Keith Jenkins (@velvetescape), Matt Long (@landlopers), Iain Mallory (@malloryontravel), Pam Mandel (@nerdseyeview), Kate McCulley (@adventurouskate), Rolf Potts (@rolfpotts), Robert Reid (@reidontravel) and Brett Snyder (@crankyflier).

10Best and USA TODAY extend their congratulations to all the winners. The contest was promoted on 10Best and USA TODAY. Upcoming New Media Awards include Best Cruise Blogger, Best Theme Park Blogger, Best Independent Travel Videographer and Best Family Travel Blogger.

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Ben Mutzabaugh

Ben Mutzabaugh

Ben Mutzabaugh

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Nancy Trejos

Nancy Trejos

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Rob Katz

Rob Katz

Steven Frischling

Steven Frischling

Steven Frischling