Best BBQ Chicken Sandwich in Alabama (2017)


While you can find just about any style of 'cue you could imagine in Alabama, the Heart of Dixie is perhaps most famous for its smoked chicken, often served with a tangy white barbecue sauce made from mayonnaise, cider vinegar and spices – the brain child of one of our nominees, Big Bob Gibson.

  • Smokey C's Bar-B-Que & Wings

    Smokey C's Bar-B-Que & Wings

    The sandwich from Smokey C's Bar-B-Que & Wings comes piled with sliced smoked boneless chicken breast and an award-winning spicy white sauce. It comes in two sizes and is best washed down with a big glass of sweet tea.
    Photo courtesy of Smokey C's Bar-B-Que & Wings

  • Jim 'N Nick's BBQ Restaurant

    Jim 'N Nick's BBQ Restaurant

    The chicken sandwich at Jim 'N Nick's BBQ Restaurant features pulled smoked chicken smothered in a traditional Morgan County white sauce. Diners can choose to have their chicken on a traditional bun, wheat bun or sourdough bread.
    Photo courtesy of Jim 'N Nick's BBQ Restaurant

  • Rusty's Bar-B-Q

    Rusty's Bar-B-Q

    The pulled chicken sandwich at Rusty's Bar-B-Q in Leeds comes in two sizes, regular or large, and diners can choose to top it with bacon, cheese, slaw or jalapeños for an small charge. Top it off with one of four sauces.
    Photo courtesy of Rusty's Bar-B-Q

  • L.A. Barbeque

    L.A. Barbeque

    At L.A. Barbeque in Summerdale, chickens are hand-rubbed with a secret blend of seasoning before getting slow-smoked with pecan. The chicken sandwich comes chopped rather than pulled. Want sauce? There are three to choose from.
    Photo courtesy of L.A. Barbeque

  • New Market BBQ

    New Market BBQ
    New Market

    New Market BBQ serves their hickory-smoked pulled chicken sandwich on a warm bun with a vinegar slaw and sauce (there are several to choose from, including Alabama white) for a tangy, tasty meal. Pickles and mayo are optional.
    Photo courtesy of New Market BBQ

  • Moe's Original BBQ

    Moe's Original BBQ
    Various Locations

    The smoked chicken sandwich at Moe's Original BBQ, founded in Tuscaloosa, comes solo or as a meal with the choice of two sides and a drink. The chicken is smoked over hard wood and comes with a choice of two sauces.
    Photo courtesy of Jeff Nelson Studios

  • 306 BBQ

    306 BBQ

    At 306 BBQ in Athens, hungry diners get their chicken sandwich regular or jumbo-sized and topped with cole slaw, pickles and sauce. Sandwiches come a la carte or with a pair of sides.
    Photo courtesy of 306 Barbecue / Facebook

  • Hog Wild BBQ

    Hog Wild BBQ
    Gulf Shores

    'Cue enthusiasts in Gulf Shores can find an excellent chicken sandwich at Hog Wild BBQ. Pulled, slow-smoked chicken comes topped with white BBQ sauce, served on its own or with a side.
    Photo courtesy of Hog Wild BBQ

  • Miss Myra's Pit Bar B-Q

    Miss Myra's Pit Bar B-Q

    A legend in Alabama, Miss Myra's Pit Bar-B-Q makes their famous white sauce from just four ingredients, mayonnaise, vinegar, salt and pepper. The chicken is perfectly smoky, with crispy, crunchy skin and juicy meat.
    Photo courtesy of Thinkstock

  • Saw's BBQ

    Saw's BBQ

    At Saw's BBQ in Homewood, diners rave about the smoked chicken sandwich, served with white BBQ sauce and pickles for an extra zing.
    Photo courtesy of Dan / Flickr

So which barbecue joint makes the best chicken sandwich in the state? 10Best editors and Sandwich America joined forces with a panel of local Alabama food writers and The Food Channel to nominate 20 worthy barbecue joints across the state. For the past four weeks, we asked our readers to vote daily for their favorites, and the results are in.

The top 10 winners in the category Best BBQ Chicken Sandwich in Alabama are as follows:

  1. Smokey C's Bar-B-Que & Wings - Decatur
  2. Jim 'N Nick's BBQ Restaurant - Multiple Locations
  3. Rusty’s Bar-B-Q - Leeds
  4. L.A. Barbeque - Summerdale
  5. New Market BBQ - New Market
  6. Moe's Original BBQ - Multiple Locations
  7. 306 BBQ - Athens
  8. Hog Wild BBQ - Gulf Shores
  9. Miss Myra's Pit Bar B-Q - Birmingham
  10. Saw's BBQ - Homewood

Congratulations to all our winning Alabama barbecue restaurants!

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