Best Budget Travel Blog: The Poor Traveler

The Budget-Minded Traveler, The Professional Hobo, eTramping and Map Happy also winners

There’s more to budget travel than simply scoring great deals. It’s about discovering value, making informed decisions and learning from others. The 10 travel blogs – voted as the best by 10Best readers – go beyond tick-lists of deeply discounted off-season tourist packages to places no one wants to visit. Instead, they focus on choosing better destinations so travelers still have room in their budget to enjoy the food, culture and experiences unique to the area.

Budget Traveller
Kash Bhattacharya, the man behind Budget Traveller, has been hopping around the globe for the past six years. His aim? Showing people how to travel both in style and on a budget, with a special emphasis on Europe. Recent Post: 50 Free Things to Do in London Photo courtesy of Budget Traveller
The Savvy Backpacker
The Savvy Backpacker, created by James and Sue Feess, is dedicated to helping future travelers plan their budget-backpacking trip to Europe. But this differs from most other travel sites because of its focus on all the nitty-gritty details of planning and preparing for a trip more than the destinations themselves. Recent Post: Why You Should Travel When You’re Young and Broke Photo courtesy of The Savvy Backpacker
Wandering Earl
Derek (middle name Earl) left the U.S. in 1999 on a three-month trip to Southeast Asia. He's been traveling ever since. Wandering Earl recounts Derek's travels to more than 88 countries on six continents, with advice on how to save – and even make – money while traveling. Recent Post: It’s a Struggle to Take a Good Travel Photo Photo courtesy of Wandering Earl
"One Globe. No Regrets." That's the tag line for the female-centric travel blog Globetrottergirls, where Dani Heinrich shares her travel experiences. The site features an entire section dedicated to travel on a shoestring to destinations across the globe. Recent Post: Iceland on a Budget Photo courtesy of Globetrottergirls
Shereen Travels Cheap
Shereen Travels Cheap is for anyone who wants a great vacation without having to sacrifice comfort or eat nothing but convenience store ramen noodles the whole time. Her practical advice on how to save and when to spend on travel helps stretch any travel budget. Recent Post: 48 Hours of Fun on a Budget in Logan, Utah Photo courtesy of Shereen Travels Cheap
Map Happy
Map Happy teaches travelers how to navigate the globe like a pro, from trip planning to getting around a destination and everything in between. The aim of the blog is to take the stress (and expense) out of travel to help visitors better experience a destination. Recent Post: The Best Museum Pass that No One Knows About Photo courtesy of Map Happy
Agness and Cez, a pair of Polish travelers, call their blog eTramping because they've lived without a permanent home, spending less than 25 bucks a day, since 2011. They share tips and resources on how to travel the world cheaply. Recent Post: Exploring Varadero for Less than $25 Photo courtesy of eTramping
The Professional Hobo
Nora Dunn is The Professional Hobo – a woman who sold everything she owned in Canada in 2006 (including a busy financial planning practice) to embrace her dreams of full-time travel. She's been on the road ever since, and teaches people how to travel full-time in a financially sustainable way. Recent Post: Financial Travel Tip - Checklist of Things to Do Before Long-Term Travel  Photo courtesy of The Professional Hobo
The Budget-Minded Traveler
Travel planning, particularly with a limited budget, can be overwhelming. The Budget-Minded Traveler simplifies the process by offering practical, honest advice on topics like finding the best flight deals or using your smart phone while abroad. Recent Post: 7 Things I Wish I Packed On My RTW Trip Photo courtesy of The Budget-Minded Traveler
The Poor Traveler
Yoshke Dimen and Vins Carlos, the pair who write The Poor Traveler, set out to prove that traveling isn't just for the rich, physically strong or socially savvy. The blog is particularly helpful for those planning budget travel through Asia. Recent Post: Maldives - A Budget Travel Guide Photo courtesy of The Poor Traveler

The top 10 winners in the category Best Budget Travel Blog are as follows:

  1. The Poor Traveler
  2. The Budget-Minded Traveler
  3. The Professional Hobo
  4. eTramping
  5. Map Happy
  6. Shereen Travels Cheap
  7. Globetrottergirls
  8. Wandering Earl
  9. The Savvy Backpacker
  10. Budget Traveller

Other nominated blogs included Expert Vagabond, Nomadic Matt, On the Luce, Ordinary Traveler, The Planet D, RexyEdventures, Traveling Mom, VickyFlipFlopTravels, Wanderlust and Lipstick and yTravel Blog.

Congratulations to all our winning blogs.