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Chickens easily outnumber humans in Delaware–a state where 70 percent of agricultural production value comes from meat chickens, or broilers. With this abundance of birds, it's no surprise that chicken features heavily on menus across the state, typically either fried, roasted, or boiled and served with slippery dumplings (a Chesapeake-area specialty). 

  • Oldbanks Craft Bistro

    Oldbanks Craft Bistro

    The house fried chicken at Oldbanks Craft Bistro in Wilmington uses a secret seasoning recipe for the crispy golden goodness they achieve. Chicken comes in batches of four, eight or 12 pieces with the option to add on fries, slaw, steamed broccoli or mac and cheese.
    Photo courtesy of Oldbanks Craft Bistro / Facebook

  • Lettie's Kitchen

    Lettie's Kitchen

    The award-winning fried chicken from Lettie’s Kitchen comes by the piece or as an eight, 12 or 16-piece bucket. Sides from the cold case run the gamut from classics like pasta salad and cole slaw to more interesting items like spinach orzo salad and twice baked potatoes.
    Photo courtesy of Lettie's Kitchen / Facebook

  • Outlandish Food Truck

    Outlandish Food Truck

    At Outlandish Food Truck in Newark, fried chicken comes alongside a fluffy waffle with cayenne maple syrup and brown sugar butter. Chicken is hand-breaded fresh each day.
    Photo courtesy of Outlandish Food Truck

  • Peri Peri Grill

    Peri Peri Grill

    Peri Peri Grill takes a different approach to chicken by flame grilling it fresh in store. Guests can choose between a quarter, half or whole grilled chicken, served plain or with peri peri sauce–a fiery concoction typically made from African bird’s eye chili.
    Photo courtesy of Peri Peri Grill

  • Kick n' Chicken

    Kick n' Chicken

    The Southern-style fried chicken from Kick n' Chicken in Lewes comes moist on the inside with a potato chip crispy skin on the outside. The restaurant only uses fresh chicken–never frozen–seasoned and battered with house recipes and fried to order.
    Photo courtesy of Kick n' Chicken

  • Jimmy's Grille

    Jimmy's Grille

    In 2017 Jimmy’s Grille in Bridgeville served 266,762 pieces of award-winning fried chicken. The locally sourced meat is hand-breaded, and slippery dumplings are made from scratch in-house. Chicken and dumplings feature as a daily special several days per week.
    Photo courtesy of Jimmy's Grille

  • The Chicken House Restaurant

    The Chicken House Restaurant

    The Chicken House specializes in Peruvian cuisine, and as the name suggests, chicken is the star of the menu. A guest favorite is the rotisserie chicken, served with yellow rice or french fries and a salad, but diners will find other preparations as well–wok-fried chicken with french fries, grilled chicken kabobs and Peruvian-style chicken fried rice.
    Photo courtesy of iStock / Floortje

  • Walt's Chicken Express

    Walt's Chicken Express

    Larry of Walt's Chicken Express got its start frying up chicken in the kitchens of McDonald's, KFC and the original Walt's Chicken. When he branched out to start his own chicken shop, he took the original Walt's chicken recipe with him (with the owner's blessing of course).
    Photo courtesy of Walt's Chicken Express / Facebook

  • Royal Farms

    Royal Farms

    The always fresh fried chicken from Royal Farms is hand-breaded with a house blend of spices and pressure cooked for juicy meat on the inside and a crispy coating on the outside. It’s typically available 24/7 as a meal or family pack.
    Photo courtesy of Royal Farms / Facebook

  • Walt's Flavor Crisp Chicken

    Walt's Flavor Crisp Chicken

    Walt's Flavor Crisp Chicken is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2018. That's four decades of serving crispy fried chicken and other comfort food favorites. 
    Photo courtesy of Walt's Flavor Crisp Chicken

The top 10 winners in the category Best Chicken in Delaware are as follows:

  1. Oldbanks Craft Bistro - Wilmington
  2. Lettie's Kitchen - Hockessin
  3. Outlandish Food Truck - Newark
  4. Peri Peri Grill - Wilmington
  5. Kick n' Chicken - Lewes
  6. Jimmy's Grille - Bridgeville
  7. The Chicken House Restaurant - Newark
  8. Walt's Chicken Express - Wilmington
  9. Royal Farms - Felton
  10. Walt's Flavor Crisp Chicken - Wilmington

Congratulations to all these winning restaurants!

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