Best Coney Dog in Michigan (2019)


A common misconception is that the Coney dog comes from Coney Island. While its origins can’t be traced back to any one specific place, the frankfurters covered in chili, diced onions and mustard have been showing up on Michigan diner menus since the early 1900s. It’s thought that Greek immigrants popularized the dish, as Detroit institutions American Coney Island and neighboring Lafayette Coney Island – opened in 1917 and 1924 respectively – were started by a pair of brothers who’d immigrated from Greece. Detroit-style Coneys use a meaty chili sauce, while Flint-style Coneys feature a dryer loose meat sauce, often called Coney sauce rather than chili. 

  • Virginia Coney Island

    Virginia Coney Island

    Virginia Coney Island has been a Jackson favorite since 1914. The menu features classic diner favorites, including a lunch special featuring two Coneys, a bag of chips and a fountain drink.
    Photo courtesy of Virginia Coney Island

  • Bobaloon's Cafe

    Bobaloon's Cafe

    The Coney Island Dog from Bobaloon's Cafe is as classic as they come – grilled and smothered in chili, onions and yellow mustard.
    Photo courtesy of Michael Hall / Bobaloon's Cafe

  • Mussell Beach Drive In

    Mussell Beach Drive In
    Bay City

    Mussell Beach Drive In is known for its burgers, fries, ice cream and, of course, Coney dogs. Get one with a side of to-die-for hand cut onion rings.
    Photo courtesy of Mussell Beach Drive In

  • Old Town Drive In

    Old Town Drive In

    Old Town Drive In in Saginaw is one of the only remaining drive-ins in the Great Lakes Bay area. Here, diners enjoy old time favorites, including classic Coney dogs.
    Photo courtesy of iStock / Iamthatiam

  • One Stop Coney Shop

    One Stop Coney Shop
    Grand Rapids

    Family owned One Stop Coney Shop has a small menu of just a few items done right. The Coney dogs are made from Koegel Meats franks out of Flint that uses a natural casing for extra snap. It comes with Detroit or Flint-style chili.
    Photo courtesy of One Stop Coney Shop

  • Dog n' Suds

    Dog n' Suds
    Muskegon & Montague

    Throughout the summer months, hungry travelers in Michigan can stop at one of two Dog ’n Suds drive-ins to get their curbside Coney dog fix. Coney dogs come regular or foot long, with Dog ’n Suds Coney sauce, plus mustard and onions.
    Photo courtesy of Dog n' Suds

  • G&L Chili Dogs

    G&L Chili Dogs

    G&L Chili Dogs is known for their Greek-style Coney dogs, topped with mustard and a secret recipe Greek chili sauce used since 1926. Onions and shredded cheddar cheese optional.
    Photo courtesy of dusty_lavender via Instagram

  • Lafayette Coney Island

    Lafayette Coney Island

    A beloved Detroit institution, Lafayette Coney Island offers a no-frills menu of Coney dogs and chili cheese fries in a diner-like atmosphere. These dogs come topped with beefy chili and Spanish onions.
    Photo courtesy of via Instagram

  • Johnny Dogs

    Johnny Dogs

    Johnny Dogs has a sizable menu of gourmet jumbo hot dogs, each made from a quarter pound all beef frank. The Coney features chili, onions and yellow mustard, or get the Junkyard with added coleslaw.
    Photo courtesy of iStock / Iamthatiam

  • Grand Coney Diner

    Grand Coney Diner
    Grand Rapids

    This classic diner in Grand Rapids and Allendale has earned a loyal following for their made-to-order Coney dogs, served with Detroit-style chili, onions and mustard. Coney baskets come with two dogs and chips.
    Photo courtesy of via Instagram

The top 10 winners in the category Best Coney Dog in Michigan are as follows:

  1. Virginia Coney Island - Jackson
  2. Bobaloon's Cafe - Escanaba
  3. Mussell Beach Drive In - Bay City
  4. Old Town Drive In - Saginaw
  5. One Stop Coney Shop - Grand Rapids
  6. Dog n' Suds - Muskegon & Montague
  7. G&L Chili Dogs - Muskegon
  8. Lafayette Coney Island - Detroit
  9. Johnny Dogs - Munising
  10. Grand Coney Diner - Grand Rapids

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