Best Country Ham Sandwich in Virginia (2017)


Do a Google image search for the word 'sandwich,' and a majority of the results will show some variation of a ham sandwich – perhaps the most quintessential sandwich of them all. While you can find a ham sandwich just about anywhere, there's one state that excels at them, Virginia. 

  • Turner Ham House & Fulks Run Grocery

    Turner Ham House & Fulks Run Grocery
    Fulks Run

    While Turner Ham House inside Fulks Run Grocery offers a cooked ham sandwich year round, their signature fried ham sandwich is only available on Fridays.
    Photo courtesy of Fulks Run Grocery

  • Homemades by Suzanne

    Homemades by Suzanne

    The country ham sandwich at Homemades by Suzanne is served on a house-made yeast roll, freshly baked each morning. The meat is thinly sliced for optimal flavor, and ham purists eat it with just ham and bread to let the natural flavors of the cured meat shine through.
    Photo courtesy of Homemades by Suzanne

  • Padow's Hams & Deli

    Padow's Hams & Deli

    Padow's Hams & Deli makes mouth-watering hickory smoked hams, served in sandwich from at the deli with a choice of bread, cheese, toppings and condiments. Padow's also serves ham biscuits for a distinctly Southern treat.
    Photo courtesy of Padows Hams & Deli / Facebook

  • Darden's Country Store

    Darden's Country Store

    Darden's has been smoking hams since the 1950s, and the thin slices of flavorful hickory and applewood-smoked ham are best eaten sandwiched inside a proper Southern biscuit or between slices of white bread with all the fixings.
    Photo courtesy of Darden's Country Store

  • Old Chickahominy House

    Old Chickahominy House

    Visitors to the Old Chickahominy House at lunchtime can enjoy a Virginia ham sandwich, served on hot biscuits. Make it a Becky's Luncheon with a side of fruit salad, homemade pie, coffee or tea.
    Photo courtesy of Old Chickahominy House

  • Layne's Country Store

    Layne's Country Store

    Opened in 1954, Layne's Country Store sells souvenirs and a variety of food products, including country ham and hoop cheese sandwiches from their deli.
    Photo courtesy of Layne's Country Store

  • Yoder's Country Market

    Yoder's Country Market

    In addition to a winning ham sandwich, Yoder's Country Market also serves wraps, paninis, a variety of sandwiches, hot soup, hand-dipped ice cream and smoothies.
    Photo courtesy of Yoder's Country Market

  • The Apple House

    The Apple House

    A ham-centric option on the menu at The Apple House in Linden is The Virginian – grilled baked Virginia ham with a choice of cheese on wheatberry bread.
    Photo courtesy of The Apple House

  • Edwards Virginia Ham Shoppe

    Edwards Virginia Ham Shoppe

    Edwards Virginia Ham Shoppe, with locations in Surry and Williamsburg, serves their country ham sandwich with lettuce, tomato and a house dressing.
    Photo courtesy of Edwards Virginia Ham Shoppe

  • Gayle's Market

    Gayle's Market
    Penn Laird

    Gayle's Market, a family-owned country store in Penn Laird, also operates a deli serving inexpensive and tasty country ham sandwiches to hungry shoppers.
    Photo courtesy of Gayle's Market / Facebook

When you bite into a ham sammy in Virginia, you're probably eating country ham, a variety of cured ham popular throughout the south. Virginia's hams became popular during the 1700s when colonists began shipping them back to England, making them one of the first exports from the New World.

10Best and Sandwich America set out to find the best country ham sandwich in the state, and to do so, 10Best editors joined forces with a local Virginia food writer and The Food Channel to nominate 20 worthy restaurants across the state. We asked our readers to vote for their favorites from the list, and the results are in.

The top 10 winners in the category Best Country Ham Sandwich in Virginia are as follows:

  1. Turner Ham House & Fulks Run Grocery - Fulks Run
  2. Homemades by Suzanne - Ashland
  3. Padow's Hams & Deli - Richmond
  4. Darden's Country Store - Smithfield
  5. Old Chickahominy House - Williamsburg
  6. Layne's Country Store - Glasgow
  7. Yoder's Country Market - Madison
  8. The Apple House - Linden
  9. Edwards Virginia Ham Shoppe - Surry
  10. Gayle's Market - Penn Laird

Congratulations to all our winning ham sandwich shops!

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