Best Crabs in Maryland (2018)


Crabbers have been commercially catching blue crabs (also known as Maryland crabs) from the Chesapeake Bay since the mid 19th century. Today, summertime means heading to your favorite crab house or seafood market to tuck into steamed crab, crab cakes and crab soup made from these Chesapeake Bay crustaceans. Steamed crabs, arguably the most popular preparation, typically get cooked in plenty of Old Bay Seasoning and are best served with a pitcher of cold beer. 

  • Wellwood's River Shack

    Wellwood's River Shack

    The Wellwood River Shack offers a casual, beach-inspired setting to tuck into a heaping pile of steamed crabs cooked in a house spice blend. Get them by the dozen or all-you-can-eat during the season.
    Photo courtesy of Wellwood's River Shack / Facebook

  • The Point Crab House

    The Point Crab House

    Diners at The Point Crab House, situated along Mill Creek, enjoy waterfront views as they dine on dishes from a seasonally inspired seafood menu. Jumbo lump crab cakes often make an appearance, served with a house-made remoulade and two sides, or stuffed inside a potato roll with tomato and lettuce.
    Photo courtesy of The Point Crab House

  • Capt. Leonard's Seafood Restaurant

    Capt. Leonard's Seafood Restaurant

    During the season, hard shell crabs come steamed by the dozen at Capt. Leonard’s Seafood Restaurant. During the rest of the year, hungry diners can get crab dip in a bread bowl, cream of crab or crab vegetable soup, crab cakes and soft shell crab sandwiches.
    Photo courtesy of Capt. Leonard's Seafood Restaurant / Facebook

  • Costas Inn

    Costas Inn

    Family owned since 1971, Costas Inn serves award-winning crab cakes (5 ounces or a half pound), as well as Maryland crab soup, cream of crab soup, crab imperial and steam crabs throughout the year.
    Photo courtesy of Costas Inn / Facebook

  • Captain Billy's Crab House

    Captain Billy's Crab House

    Situated on the banks of the Potomac River, Captain Billy’s Crab House specializes in fresh seafood. Steamed blue crabs are available seasonally, but diners can always get mushrooms stuffed with crab imperial, snow crab legs, jalapeño and cream cheese crab balls, crusty crab pizza and fried or broiled lump crab cakes.
    Photo courtesy of Captain Billy's Crab House

  • The Red Roost

    The Red Roost

    No matter your appetite, you’ll leave satisfied from The Red Roost, where crab options range from appetizers and soups to jumbo lump crab cakes to all-you-can-eat steamed crab. Perfect to share, the Red Roost Crab Pot comes with two salads, four pieces of fried chicken, a dozen steamed clams, a half pound of steamed shrimp, corn on the cob and six steamed crabs.
    Photo courtesy of The Red Roost

  • Cantler's Riverside Inn

    Cantler's Riverside Inn

    Cantler’s, an Annapolis icon, serves fresh Maryland seafood right on the waterfront. Crab lovers have plenty of preparations to choose from, including Maryland crab and cream of crab soups, hot and creamy crab dip, fried or broiled lump crab cakes, fresh soft shell crab and steamed hard shell blue crabs.
    Photo courtesy of Cantler's Riverside Inn

  • Fisherman's Crab Deck

    Fisherman's Crab Deck

    Fisherman’s Crab Deck sits right on the water’s edge in a former crab picking house in Grasonville. Crab boats come and go as diners feast on steamed crabs at a picnic table with a side of cold beer. While traditional steamed crab is a guest favorite, it also appears as crab balls, hot crab dip, award-winning crab cakes and a hot crab melt made from crab imperial.
    Photo courtesy of Fisherman's Crab Deck

  • Kentmorr Restaurant and Crab House

    Kentmorr Restaurant and Crab House

    Affording views over the Eastern Shore, Kentmorr Restaurant and Crab House serves steamed Maryland crabs April through October. Hungry visitors can opt for the Excrabaganza Crabfest when available‚Äďa bowl of red crab soup, all you can eat crabs and corn for two hours.
    Photo courtesy of Kentmorr Restaurant and Crab House / Facebook

  • Harris Crab House & Seafood Restaurant

    Harris Crab House & Seafood Restaurant

    Situated on the Kent Narrows Waterway, Harris Crab House has been a family-run business for five generations. Diners kick things off with mini crab cakes or hot crab dip from the appetizer menu before continuing on to fried soft shell crabs, broiled crab imperial and, the most popular, steamed crabs.
    Photo courtesy of Chris Chen 陳依勤 / Flickr


The top 10 winners in the category Best Crabs in Maryland are as follows:

  1. Wellwood's River Shack - Charlestown
  2. The Point Crab House - Arnold
  3. Capt. Leonard's Seafood Restaurant - Mechanicsville
  4. Costas Inn - Baltimore
  5. Captain Billy's Crab House - Newburg
  6. The Red Roost - Quantico
  7. Cantler's Riverside Inn - Annapolis
  8. Fisherman's Crab Deck - Grasonville
  9. Kentmorr Restaurant and Crab House - Stevensville
  10. Harris Crab House & Seafood Restaurant - Grasonville

A panel of experts partnered with 10Best editors to picked the initial 20 nominees, and the top 10 winners were determined by popular vote. Experts Judy Colbert (Chesapeake Bay Crabs) and Taylor Hicks (State Plate) were chosen based on their knowledge and experience of the state food scene.

Congratulations to all these winning restaurants!

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