Best Craft Gin Distillery (2020)


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  • Revivalist Spirits

    Revivalist Spirits
    Elverson, Pennsylvania

    The lineup of Revivalist gins takes inspiration from the four seasons of the year, Equinox, Summertide, Harvest and Solstice. Each expression starts with malted and un-malted grain mash.
    Photo courtesy of Revivalist Botanical Gins

  • Barr Hill

    Barr Hill
    Montpelier, Vermont

    Barr Hill Gin, craft distilled by Caledonia Spirits, uses pure grain spirits infused with juniper berry and raw northern honey, added just before bottling to impart a subtle floral quality. Tom Cat Gin gets barrel-aged for four to six months in new charred American oak to give it whiskey-like notes.
    Photo courtesy of Caledonia Spirits

  • Gray Whale Gin

    Gray Whale Gin
    Sebastopol, California

    Gray Whale Gin begins with a six-times distilled corn spirit, infused with organic-farmed and wild-foraged botanicals in the potstill or a vapor basket. The spirit then undergoes a seven-step botanical distillation. One percent of sales go toward environmental causes.
    Photo courtesy of Gray Whale Gin

  • McClintock Distilling

    McClintock Distilling
    Frederick, Maryland

    Gin enthusiasts have three varieties to choose from at McClintock Distilling. The botanical-forward Forager Gin is vapor-infused with ingredients inspired by the Appalachian wilderness. The bright and light Gardener’s Gin is made with citrus peel, lavender, cucumber and hibiscus, and rests in Madeira wine casks. Sipping-style McClintock’s Reserve rests in XO cognac casks imported from France.
    Photo courtesy of McClintock Distilling

  • New Columbia Distillers

    New Columbia Distillers
    Washington, DC

    New Columbia Distillers specializes in gins distilled in small batches from grain and botanicals, each bottle individually numbered. The distillery makes its flagship Green Hat Gin, as well as a Navy strength gin and two seasonal gins (one for spring and summer and the other for fall and winter).
    Photo courtesy of Green Hat Distillery

  • Long Road Distillers

    Long Road Distillers
    Grand Rapids, Michigan

    Gin lovers will find three varieties on offer from Long Road Distillers in Grand Rapids, including a Dry Gin crafted with six botanicals perfect for mixing. Long Road MICHIGIN, a seasonal release, is made from ingredients sourced exclusively from Michigan, like red winter wheat and Beaver Island juniper.
    Photo courtesy of Long Road Distillers

  • Griffo Distillery

    Griffo Distillery
    Petaluma, California

    The London-style Scott Street Gin from California’s Griffo Distillery is blended with botanicals in a pot still for a single distillation. Ingredients include wild-grown juniper, Meyer lemons, grains of paradise, coriander and water from the Russian River Valley.
    Photo courtesy of Griffo Distillery

  • Watershed Distillery

    Watershed Distillery
    Columbus, Ohio

    When Watershed Distillery set out to create their Four Peel Gin, they aimed to create a spirit that would “turn gin skeptics into fans.” The corn-based spirit is layered with eight different botanicals, including four citrus peels, to create a light, smooth and citrus-forward gin. This gin gets aged in spend bourbon barrels to create the company’s distinctive Bourbon Barrel Gin. The Guild Gin gets its golden color from the inclusion of chamomile flowers post distillation.
    Photo courtesy of Watershed Distillery

  • Sipsong Spirits

    Sipsong Spirits
    Windsor, California

    Indira Gin from Sipsong Spirits is made with a combination of 13 botanicals and a grape spirit, distilled in a copper Arnold Holstein pot still. The resulting spirit has juniper and lime on the nose, with notes of juniper, coriander, lavender, lime and pink peppercorn.
    Photo courtesy of Sipsong Spirits

  • 10 Torr Distilling and Brewing

    10 Torr Distilling and Brewing
    Reno, Nevada

    The London Dry-Style Gin from 10 Torr Distilling and Brewing in Reno uses eight different botanicals, including juniper, lemon, grapefruit, cucumber and tarragon, each vacuum-distilled and blended post-distillation. The resulting spirit allows the flavor of each ingredient to shine.
    Photo courtesy of 10 Torr Distilling and Brewing

Gin gets its name from "Genievre," the French word for juniper. This globally popular spirit begins with a neutral base spirit distilled with an array of botanicals–not just juniper berries these days–to give it its distinct aroma and flavor profile.

The top 10 winners in the category Best Craft Gin Distillery are as follows:

  1. Revivalist Spirits - Elverson, Pennsylvania
  2. Barr Hill - Montpelier, Vermont
  3. Gray Whale Gin - Sebastopol, California
  4. McClintock Distilling - Frederick, Maryland
  5. New Columbia Distillers - Washington, DC
  6. Long Road Distillers - Grand Rapids, Michigan
  7. Griffo Distillery - Petaluma, California
  8. Watershed Distillery - Columbus, Ohio
  9. Sipsong Spirits - Windsor, California
  10. 10 Torr Distilling and Brewing - Reno, Nevada

A panel of experts partnered with 10Best editors to pick the initial nominees, and the top 10 winners were determined by popular vote.

Congratulations to all these winning distilleries!

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