Best escape room? Readers vote The Official SAW Escape Room

Winning Las Vegas escape room brings the horror of "SAW" to life

Since the first escape room opened in Japan in 2008, the escape room craze has taken the world by storm. Today, there are thousands of these physical adventure games around the globe.

  • The Official SAW Escape Room
    Las Vegas

    Fans of the SAW horror movie franchise will love this Las Vegas escape room, where new puzzles are added on a monthly basis. This multi-room experience is one of the largest in the world.
    Photo courtesy of The Official SAW Escape Room

  • Maze Rooms
    Los Angeles & Austin

    With locations in both Los Angeles and Austin, Maze Rooms offers dozens of escape room scenarios ranging in difficulty. Head 200 leagues under the sea in The Abyss, learn the secrets of a great wizard in the World of Illusions or play the part of an archaeologist entering Pharaoh’s Tomb.
    Photo courtesy of Maze Rooms

  • Boxaroo

    Players at Boxaroo in Boston have two escape scenarios to choose from, the reasonably tough Magician’s Study and the super challenging Conundrum Museum.
    Photo courtesy of Boxaroo

  • Puzzah!

    Players at this Denver escape room can choose between four different missions. Face the threat of cyberterrorism in M.A.S.K., go back in time to save the world in I.R.I.S., learn the secrets of a missing magician in Kazam! or disarm a doomsday device in Tick Tock.
    Photo courtesy of Puzzah!

  • Komnata Quest
    Multiple Locations

    Intense and unusual are two words Lisa and David of Room Escape Artist used to describe the numerous games at Komnata Quest. Highlights include the Maze of Hakaina and The Vault.
    Photo courtesy of Komnata Quest

  • Strange Bird Immersive

    This immersive escape game experience is part escape room, part immersive theater. The show lasts 90 minutes to two hours and includes puzzles inspired by games like Myst and The Room. Strange Bird Immersive is set to reopen in a larger space this fall.
    Photo courtesy of Strange Bird Immersive

  • MindTrap Escape Room

    Rooms at MindTrap in Chicago include The Collector (rated one of the best games in Illinois), Pharaoh’s Chamber and Doctor Death, plus two more coming in 2018: Locked-Up Supermax and Storm Surge.
    Photo courtesy of MindTrap Escape Room

  • RISE Escape Rooms
    Tickfaw, La.

    RISE Escape Rooms currently offers three interactive adventures. Hack your way back into the cockpit in Hijacked, see if Lady Luck is on your side in The Bookie or uncover the secrets of a wood witch in the super challenging Spellbound.
    Photo courtesy of RISE Escape Rooms

  • Cross Roads Escape Games
    Anaheim, Calif.

    Anaheim's Cross Roads Escape Games features fun and replay-able games, often with heavily individualized elements that blur the lines between team and solo play. Highlights include The Hex Room and The Fun House.
    Photo courtesy of Cross Roads Escape Games

  • 60OUT Escape Rooms
    Los Angeles

    With locations throughout the Los Angeles area, 60OUT has over a dozen games to choose from. "Titanic was a cinematic adventure that put the players in the starring role," said Lisa and David from Room Escape Artist, and "Senator Payne felt like living an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer."
    Photo courtesy of 60OUT

The top 10 winners in the Best Escape Room category are as follows:

  1. The Official SAW Escape Room - Las Vegas
  2. Maze Rooms - Los Angeles & Austin
  3. Boxaroo - Boston
  4. Puzzah! - Denver
  5. Komnata Quest - Multiple Locations
  6. Strange Bird Immersive - Houston
  7. MindTrap Escape Room - Chicago
  8. RISE Escape Rooms - Tickfaw, La.
  9. Cross Roads Escape Games - Anaheim, Calif.
  10. 60OUT Escape Rooms - Los Angeles

A panel of experts partnered with 10Best editors to pick the initial 20 nominees, and the top 10 winners were determined by popular vote. Experts Esc Room AddictChristine Barger (The Haunt Girl), William Chen and Yuan Jiang (, Randy Hum (, Chris Moschella (Escape Authority) and Lisa and David Spira (Room Escape Artistwere chosen for their knowledge of the escape room industry in the U.S.

Congratulations to all these winning rooms!

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