Clue Carré named Best Escape Room by USA Today 10Best Readers

These are the country's best escape rooms, according to our readers

For well over a decade, the escape room craze has been taking the world by storm. From escaping laboratories and horror movie sets to archaeological dig sites, there are thousands of these physical adventure games around the globe. 

Clue Carré (New Orleans)
Clue Carré, one of the first live escape games in New Orleans, shines with an immersive sense of place, whether you’re searching for Marie Laveau’s love potion in The Voodoo Room, banishing ghosts in the Haunted Swamp, infiltrating a secret crypt in Vampire Hunter or snatching the King’s Crown in The Carnival Heist. Photo courtesy of Clue Carré
Boxaroo (Boston)
Players at Boxaroo in Boston have two escape scenarios to choose from. Investigate a museum gone amiss to rescue lost art in the Conundrum Museum, or examine the study of a legendary magician to uncover the secrets of his magic before time runs out. Photo courtesy of Boxaroo
The Official SAW Escape Room (Las Vegas, NV)
Inspired by the blockbuster SAW horror film franchise, the SAW Escape in Las Vegas is a fully immersive progressive experience that brings to life the movies’ twisted games. Visitors enter the meatpacking plant for an after-hours tour, only to discover that they are players in an elaborate and deadly game created by the Jigsaw killer. Guests can only win their freedom as they work together to solve detailed puzzles and combat their fears as they travel through the entire factory in one of the world’s most extensive escape experiences. Photo courtesy of The Official SAW Escape Room
Enchambered (Sacramento)
Sacramento-based Enchambered operates three different escape rooms. Containment Breach challenges players to solve the mystery of a locked laboratory where a teleportation experiment went terribly wrong. In The Whispering Halls, players enter a Victorian manor with a paranormal problem, while the Skull Witch traps visitors in a cabin deep in the swamp with only 60 minutes to escape. Photo courtesy of Enchambered
Mind Trap Escape Rooms (Montgomery, IL)
Mind Trap Escape rooms, located just outside Chicago, ask the question, “can you escape in 60 minutes?” Visitors must utilize critical thinking skills to discover clues, solve a series of puzzles, and escape the room within a set time. Become a new member of the Chicago Mafia, escape from the world-famous Supermax prison, find the sacred scarab and flee Pharoah’s tomb are just a few of the adventures available. Photo courtesy of MIND TRAP ESCAPE ROOMS
Decode Detroit (Ann Arbor, Mich.)
The three rooms at Decode Detroit in Ann Arbor follow the story of Minerva, a sassy artificial intelligence. Players must choose whether to help her escape or work against her to keep her locked in her motherboard. Decode Detroit also has locations in Ypsilanti and (soon) Detroit. Photo courtesy of Decode Detroit
Escape Artist Greenville (Greenville, SC)
Guests can find the perfect adventure for team building, family bonding, or date night at the Escape Room in Greenville, South Carolina. Teams work together to “escape” the room before time runs out by finding hidden items, cracking codes, solving puzzles, and more. Adventures range from those best for first-time escape artists to adrenaline thrill-seekers to families with small children looking for a fun, simple holiday story. Photo courtesy of Escape Artist Greenville
Cross Roads Escape Games (Anaheim, CA)
Experience a real-life adventure game, and work with your teammates while racing against a one-hour clock at Cross Roads Escape Games in Anaheim, California. Survive a horror film as a nerd, jock, prom queen, or other characters in The Hex Room, or contend with loud noises, flashing lights, small spaces, and other obstacles in The Psych Ward. The Fun House adventure allows families with children between eight and twelve to solve mind-boggling puzzles and see if they have the wits of a magician or are as clueless as a clown. Photo courtesy of Cross Roads Escape Games
60 to Escape (Chicago)
At 60 to Escape in Chicago, escape room enthusiasts will find a series of well-balanced and fun games, like Blast from the Past, where you and your team have to investigate the disappearance of a local arcade owner, or Museum, a heist game where players are tasked with scoring a billion-dollar artifact. Photo courtesy of 60 to Escape
The Escape Room USA - Indianapolis (Indianapolis, IN)
You don’t need the brains or ingenuity of Albert Einstein or Sherlock Holmes to solve the interactive adventures at The Escape Room USA - Indianapolis. Experiences include Stealing the visiting Mona Lisa painting from an Indianapolis art gallery, cracking a bank safe full of gold in the Roaring ’20s, locating the cure for a deadly virus, retrieving seeds that will save the Earth from starvation, and many more! Groups comprised of family members, friends, or co-workers have sixty minutes to solve puzzles, find clues, and discover keys and combinations before their time is up. Photo courtesy of The Escape Room USA - Indianapolis

The top 10 winners in the category Best Escape Room are as follows:

  1. Clue Carré - New Orleans
  2. Boxaroo - Boston
  3. The Official SAW Escape Room - Las Vegas, NV
  4. Enchambered - Sacramento
  5. Mind Trap Escape Rooms - Montgomery, IL
  6. Decode Detroit - Ann Arbor, Mich.
  7. Escape Artist Greenville - Greenville, SC
  8. Cross Roads Escape Games - Anaheim, CA
  9. 60 to Escape - Chicago
  10. The Escape Room USA - Indianapolis - Indianapolis, IN

A panel of experts partnered with 10Best editors to pick the initial 20 nominees, and the top 10 winners were determined by popular vote.

Congratulations to all these winning escape rooms!