Best Fall Seasonal Beer (2017)


Take a look at just about any beer aisle, and you'll see the selection change with the season. For many a beer lover, autumn is prime season for beer, thanks to the release of Oktoberfests, pumpkin ales and other warm, rich, dark beers made especially for drinking on a cool autumn day.

  • Pump Action Imperial Pumpkin Ale

    Pump Action Imperial Pumpkin Ale
    Four Noses Brewing Company

    For many a beer enthusiasts, there's nothing quite like a well-brewed pumpkin beer as the leaves begin to turn. That's just what Four Noses Brewing Company crafts with their Pump Action Imperial Pumpkin Ale. It's brewed with real pumpkin puree and a blend of seasonal spices, yielding a strong (8% ABV) and warming beer.
    Photo courtesy of Four Noses Brewing Company

  • Hazelnut Brown Nectar

    Hazelnut Brown Nectar
    Rogue Ales

    Rogue's European-style nutty brown ale, the Hazelnut Brown Nectar, is the perfect cool weather beer thanks to its dark brown color, rich flavor and aroma, and smooth, malt-forward finish.
    Photo courtesy of Rogue Ales

  • Hopzeit Autumn IPA

    Hopzeit Autumn IPA
    Deschutes Brewery

    This American take on a traditional märzen gets its herbal, fruit and spice notes from the German hops, combined with classic malts, used during brewing. The result is an autumn IPA for those who prefer to #SayNoToPumpkinBeer.
    Photo courtesy of Deschutes Brewery

  • Mop Water

    Mop Water
    Cape May Brewing Co.

    Cape May Brewing Co.'s Mop Water was designed by their "Chief Mop Man" to feature his favorite flavors: cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice and whole bean vanilla. These warm autumn flavors combine with German malts for a perfect autumn evening sipper.
    Photo courtesy of Cape May Brewing Co

  • Festbier

    Victory Brewing Company

    Festbier from Victory Brewing Company celebrates two facets of Oktoberfest season, friendship and camaraderie. Full-bodied, malty and smooth with just a hint of hops, this märzen is made from German malts and whole flower German hops. 
    Photo courtesy of Victory Brewing Company

  • Midnight Autumn Maple

    Midnight Autumn Maple
    The Bruery

    This variation of The Bruery's fall seasonal takes inspiration from two elements, darker nights and autumn in all its glory. Midnight Autumn Maple, available for a limited time, is a dark imperial ale brewed with midnight wheat, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, vanilla, maple syrup and a whole lot of yams.
    Photo courtesy of The Bruery

  • Great Lakes Brewing Co. Oktoberfest

    Great Lakes Brewing Co. Oktoberfest
    Great Lakes Brewing Co.

    Great Lakes Brewing Co.'s take on the classic Oktoberfest beer celebrates maltiness – the perfect complement to its toasty, autumnal flavors.
    Photo courtesy of Great Lakes Brewing Company

  • Punkin Ale

    Punkin Ale
    Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

    Punkin Ale from Dogfish Head is a full-bodied brown ale with notes of pumpkin, brown sugar and spice. Released annually around the beginning of September, this beer is sure to warm with its 7-percent ABV.
    Photo courtesy of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

  • Harvest Ale

    Harvest Ale
    Founders Brewing Co.

    Unlike many other fall beers, Founders Brewing Co. celebrates a different kind of harvest, the hop harvest. Available in October, this wet-hopped ale is created from fresh hops from several local hop growers; the result is a bright IPA with notes of melon, citrus and fresh pine.
    Photo courtesy of Founders Brewing Co.

  • Pumking Imperial Ale

    Pumking Imperial Ale
    Southern Tier Brewing Company

    Pumpking Imperial Ale is "bewitched and brewed with pagan spirit" according to the folks at Southern Tier Brewing Company. This king of pumpkin beers packs a punch with 8.6 ABV and loads of fall flavor.
    Photo courtesy of edwin / Flickr

We asked a panel of craft beer experts to nominate their favorite fall seasonal releases, and for the past four weeks our readers have been voting for their favorites.

The top 10 winners in the category Best Fall Seasonal Beer are as follows:

  1. Pump Action Imperial Pumpkin Ale - Four Noses Brewing Company
  2. Hazelnut Brown Nectar - Rogue Ales
  3. Hopzeit Autumn IPA - Deschutes Brewery
  4. Mop Water - Cape May Brewing Co.
  5. Festbier - Victory Brewing Company
  6. Midnight Autumn Maple - The Bruery
  7. Great Lakes Brewing Co. Oktoberfest - Great Lakes Brewing Co.
  8. Punkin Ale - Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
  9. Harvest Ale - Founders Brewing Co.
  10. Pumking Imperial Ale - Southern Tier Brewing Company

A panel of experts partnered with 10Best editors to picked the initial 20 nominees, and the top 10 winners were determined by popular vote. Experts Nick Costa (The Hop Review), Julia Herz ( Beer & Food Course), Rich Higgins (Beer Immersion) and Gary Monterosso (What’s On Tap) were chosen based on their knowledge and experience of the American craft beer scene.

Congratulations to all these winning beers, and be sure to pick up a couple this fall season.

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