Best Fry Bread Taco in Arizona (2016)


Although the name says “taco” the fry bread taco is not made with a tortilla and is not actually a taco.  In fact, it'ss made of a quick bread credited to the Navajo tribe, and is fried and wrapped around taco like toppings such as meat, beans and cheese or served as an open faced sandwich. It is consistently listed as the sandwich of Arizona and combines the Mexican and Indian heritage that is so rich in the state. Bread, meat and cheese are the key ingredients for a great sandwich, so in our book, this counts!

  • Emerson Fry Bread

    Emerson Fry Bread

    Emerson Fry Bread hand makes their food fresh everyday, including the fry bread tacos that have made them famous throughout the state. The restaurant started out as a food stall at the 1967 Arizona State Fair, and in 2011, it transitioned to a food truck. Diners pick their protein – carne adobado is always an option – as well as how they want it rolled. Jazzy comes with beans, cheese, lettuce, pico de gallo and sour cream, while Nina is the vegetarian version. Those who like things simple can order Yolli with beans and cheese.
    Photo courtesy of Emerson Fry Bread

  • Cameron Trading Post

    Cameron Trading Post

    Arizona's Cameron Trading Post is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2016. What better time to sample a famous fry bread taco from this iconic Native American trading post? The Navajo Taco, a house specialty, comes topped with chili beans, ground beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato and mild green chile. There's also a meatless version for vegetarians.
    Photo courtesy of Cameron Trading Post

  • The Stand

    The Stand

    The Stand in Scottsdale is literally just that – a stand on the Salt River reservation selling superb fry bread tacos. Get it with red chile, green chile, bean and cheese or as an Indian taco with meat, cheese, beans, lettuce, tomato and chile.
    Photo courtesy of Don Graham / Flickr

  • Amigo Cafe

    Amigo Cafe

    Richard & Esther Martinez began sharing their favorite family recipes with hungry diners at Amigo Cafe in 1983. The tradition of made-from-scratch Mexican food continues to this day, and a local favorite on the menu is the fry bread taco, which comes topped with beans, meat, lettuce , tomato and cheese.
    Photo courtesy of Amigo Cafe / Facebook

  • Fry Bread House

    Fry Bread House

    While the Fry Bread House serves way more than just fry bread, it would be a shame to pass up this Phoenix restaurant's signature creation. Fry bread taco options are numerous; the basic version comes with refried beans, shredded cheddar cheese and lettuce, but other topping choices include red or green chile beef, spicy chorizo, ground beef, onions or sour cream.
    Photo courtesy of m01229 / Flickr

  • Eagles Nest at Sunrise Park Resort

    Eagles Nest at Sunrise Park Resort

    The Eagles Nest, open Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays at Sunrise Park Resort in Greer, sits just off the top of the high speed lift at the peak of Sunrise Mountain. Diners can chow down on the Eagles Nest version of a fry bread taco from a scenic balcony at 10,700 feet.
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  • El Bravo Mexican Food

    El Bravo Mexican Food

    Family-owned since 1982, El Bravo claims to serve the best Mexican food in Arizona – a hefty claim given the rich culinary heritage in the state. El Bravo calls their version of the state sandwich a fried popover, and diners can get one with beans and cheese, ground beef, red or green chile beef or with the works.
    Photo courtesy of El Bravo Mexican Food

  • Salsa Brava

    Salsa Brava

    Salsa Brava in Flagstaff is known for made-to-order Mexican food and is often ranked as the best in the city (their salsa has been ranked best in the state). When Guy Fieri filmed at Salsa Brava, he sampled their Navajo Taco, which comes piled with pinto beans, shredded cheese, lettuce, salsa, sour cream and queso fresca. Meat choices include smoked chicken, roasted pork or carne asada.
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  • Sunna Frybread Wagon

    Sunna Frybread Wagon
    Casa Blanca

    This Native American-owned food truck makes its way around Casa Blanca serving a variety of fry bread tacos. Get it with beans; beans and cheese; beans, cheese and chile; green chile; red chile or Indian Taco-style with the works. The O'Odham Burger features classic hamburger ingredients between to pieces of fry bread.
    Photo courtesy of Sunna Frybread Wagon / Facebook

  • Elmer's Tacos

    Elmer's Tacos

    Elmer of Elmer's Tacos hails from Sonora, Mexico, grew up in Los Angeles and moved to Arizona in 1973 to open his own restaurant. The extensive Mexican-inspired menu features a section of fry breads, which you can get topped with beans and cheese or beef with red chile, green chile or Machaca.
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USA TODAY 10Best and Sandwich America set out to find the best fry bread taco in Arizona, and for the past four weeks our readers have been voting daily for their favorites. The results are in!

The top 10 winners in the category Best Fry Bread Taco in Arizona are as follows:

  1. Emerson Fry Bread - Phoenix
  2. Cameron Trading Post - Cameron
  3. The Stand - Scottsdale
  4. Amigo Cafe - Kayenta
  5. Fry Bread House - Phoenix
  6. Eagles Nest at Sunrise Park Resort - Greer
  7. El Bravo Mexican Food - Phoenix
  8. Salsa Brava - Flagstaff
  9. Sunna Frybread Wagon - Casa Blanca
  10. Elmer's Tacos - Chandler

A panel of experts picked the initial 20 nominees, and the top 10 winners were determined by popular vote. Experts Dominic Armato (The Arizona Republic) and Diana Brandt ( were chosen based on their knowledge of the Arizona food scene.

Other nominees in this category included Angelina's Fry Bread in Glendale, Arizona Frybread in Avondale, Indian Village in Cave Creek, Jeri J's Indian Fry Bread in Payson, La Indita in Tucson, Manna From Heaven in Tucson, Maria's Frybread and Mexican Food in Phoenix, New Mexican Grill in Gilbert, Pai Pai's Native Frybread in Mesa and White Eyes Fresh Fry Bread in Glendale.

Congratulations to all our fry bread taco winners!

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