Best Geoduck in Washington (2018)


It may look a bit funny. And its name isn’t the easiest to pronounce (“gooey-duck”). But this Pacific Northwest saltwater clam is a tasty treat served at seafood and sushi restaurants up and down the Washington Coast. The meat is slightly sweet with a delicate, crunchy texture that sets it apart from other mollusks. Many places only serve it seasonally, either as sashimi, crudo or sliced atop seafood pasta.

  • Chelsea Farms Oyster Bar

    Chelsea Farms Oyster Bar

    The raw bar at the Chelsea Farms Oyster Bar serves a Chelsea Farms geoduck crudo made with shaved, cured oyster, fresh lemon basil micro greens, cilantro and an ancho chile oil.
    Photo courtesy of Chelsea Farms Oyster Bar

  • The Walrus and the Carpenter

    The Walrus and the Carpenter

    The menu at The Walrus and the Carpenter in Seattle changes daily based on what’s seasonal. When geoduck is available, it often appears as a crudo with celery and crispy quinoa or preserved lemon and brassica.
    Photo courtesy of The Walrus and the Carpenter

  • Maneki Restaurant

    Maneki Restaurant

    Maneki Restaurant has been serving traditional Japanese food to Seattle residents and visitors for more than a century. This International District restaurant serves geoduck bata-yaki as an appetizer–geoduck and mushrooms sautéed with butter and chili peppers.
    Photo courtesy of Maneki Restaurant / Facebook

  • Taylor Shellfish Farms

    Taylor Shellfish Farms
    Multiple Locations

    Taylor Shellfish Farms harvests their own farmed geoduck from the Puget Sound. At their oyster bars across the state, diners can sample fresh geoduck sashimi with sesame ginger lime dressing. The giant clam is also used in Taylor Sheellfish Farms’ Northwest Chowder.
    Photo courtesy of Foodista / Flickr

  • WATARU Restaurant

    WATARU Restaurant

    WATARU Restaurant in Seattle serves wild Puget Sound geoduck in two different preparations. Try it simply as raw sashimi or sautéed with shiitake mushrooms and butter.
    Photo courtesy of WATARU Restaurant

  • Osaka Japanese Restaurant

    Osaka Japanese Restaurant

    Diners at Olympia’s Osaka Japanese Restaurant during geoduck season will find the giant clam meat on the nigiri sushi menu, listed by its Japanese name, Mirugai.
    Photo courtesy of Osaka Japanese Restaurant

  • How To Cook A Wolf

    How To Cook A Wolf

    Sweet and clear geoduck meat features seasonally on the always changing menu at Seattle’s How to Cook a Wolf. One popular preparation guest might enjoy is a fresh geoduck crudo.
    Photo courtesy of Geoffrey Smith / How To Cook A Wolf

  • Joule


    Joule in Seattle serves an imaginative geoduck fried rice with pickled pork rind and a seaweed powder. The rice gets stir-fried with geoduck compound butter to magnify its sweet flavor.
    Photo courtesy of Joule

  • Kisaku Sushi

    Kisaku Sushi

    Kisaku Sushi in Seattle takes a no frills approach to their geoduck; it’s served as nigiri over sushi rice, allowing the natural flavor of the clam to shine.
    Photo courtesy of joaquin uy / Flickr

  • Miyabi Sushi

    Miyabi Sushi
    Tukwila & Tacoma

    Geoduck always features on the menu at Miyabi Sushi in Tukwila and Tacoma. The giant clams are sautéed in a butter sauce to bring out their natural sweetness. It’s also possible to sample the clam raw as nigiri.
    Photo courtesy of Miyabi Sushi / Facebook


The top 10 winners in the Best Geoduck in Washington category are as follows:

  1. Chelsea Farms Oyster Bar - Olympia
  2. The Walrus and the Carpenter - Seattle
  3. Maneki Restaurant - Seattle
  4. Taylor Shellfish Farms - Multiple Locations
  5. WATARU Restaurant - Seattle
  6. Osaka Japanese Restaurant - Olympia
  7. How To Cook A Wolf - Seattle
  8. Joule - Seattle
  9. Kisaku Sushi - Seattle
  10. Miyabi Sushi - Tukwila & Tacoma

Congratulations to all these winning restaurants!

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