Best Gluten-Free Beer (2018)


Wheat in the form of malted barley has long been one of four key ingredients in beer (along with water, hops and yeast), but more and more breweries are catering to gluten-free drinkers with tasty brews made from alternative ingredients like sorghum, rice, millet, lentils and nuts.

  • Aurochs Blonde Ale

    Aurochs Blonde Ale
    Aurochs Brewing Company

    One of the most popular gluten-free brews from Aurochs Brewing Company in Pennsylvania is the Aurochs Blonde Ale, a light and citrusy beer with notes of tropical fruits brewed with millet and quinoa in place of barley.
    Photo courtesy of Aurochs Brewing Company

  • Fat Randy's IPA

    Fat Randy's IPA
    Holidaily Brewing Company

    A favorite among the gluten-free offerings at Holidaily Brewing Co. in Colorado is Fat Randy’s IPA–an aromatic American IPA that’s easy to drink thanks to a balance of hoppy bitterness and a high 7.3 percent ABV.
    Photo courtesy of Holidaily Brewing Company

  • A Dark Night

    A Dark Night
    Departed Soles Brewing Company

    A Dark Night from Departed Soles Brewing Company in New Jersey is a black IPA made with 100 percent gluten-free ingredients. The hop forward beer, designed to taste like a shaken up black and tan, finishes with flavors of roasted malts.
    Photo courtesy of Departed Soles Brewing Company

  • Cranberry Shandy

    Cranberry Shandy
    Burning Brothers Brewing

    While Cranberry Shandy isn't always available at Burning Brothers Brewing in Saint Paul, it's well worth waiting for. This holiday release gets tartness from local cranberries and citrus notes from American hops.
    Photo courtesy of Burning Brothers Brewing

  • Hoptensity DIPA

    Hoptensity DIPA
    Evasion Brewing

    All the beers from Evasion Brewing are made in a dedicated gluten-free facility with no threat of cross contamination. The Hoptensity Double IPA, a special release from the brewery, features Amarillo and Mosaic hops with carrot blossom honey to create a smooth beer with notes of stone fruit and grape.
    Photo courtesy of Evasion Brewing

  • Buck Wild Pale Ale

    Buck Wild Pale Ale
    Alpenglow Beer Company

    Buck Wild Pale Ale, California's first completely gluten-free beer, is brewed with naturally gluten-free malted grains. The medium bodied ale has a balance of subtle hops and toasted malts, with a sweet and citrusy aroma.
    Photo courtesy of Alpenglow Beer Company

  • Copperhead

    Alt Brew

    Every beer from Alt Brew in Madison is made in a dedicated gluten-free facility, including the Copperhead Copper Ale, a silver medal winner at the Great American Beer Festival. Roasted millet lends flavors of malted chocolate to this gluten-free brew.
    Photo courtesy of Alt Brew

  • One Small Step

    One Small Step
    Moonshrimp Brewing

    All the ingredients that go into One Small Step IPA from Moonshrimp Brewing are naturally gluten-free, including the millet, vegan beet sugar, yeast and mis of Chinook and Cascade hops. This dry IPA exhibits an intense hop bitterness.
    Photo courtesy of Moonshrimp Brewing

  • Grapefruit IPA

    Grapefruit IPA
    Ghostfish Brewing Company

    Among the most popular offerings at Ghostfish Brewing in Seattle is the award-winning Grapefruit IPA. Brewed with grapefruit peel and citrus-forward hops, this lively and punchy IPA offers an explosion of bitter and bright flavor. Ingredients like sorghum, brown rice and tapioca make it naturally gluten-free.
    Photo courtesy of Ghostfish Brewing Company

  • Forager Lager

    Forager Lager
    Whistler Brewing Company

    Forager Lager from Whistler Brewing Company is the first gluten-free lager produced in British Columbia. Made with sorghum and rice, this hop forward beer pours a golden amber color with a gentle floral aroma.
    Photo courtesy of Whistler Brewing Company


The top 10 winners in the category Best Gluten-Free Beer are as follows:

  1. Aurochs Blonde Ale - Aurochs Brewing Company
  2. Fat Randy's IPA - Holidaily Brewing Company
  3. A Dark Night - Departed Soles Brewing Company
  4. Cranberry Shandy - Burning Brothers Brewing
  5. Hoptensity DIPA - Evasion Brewing
  6. Buck Wild Pale Ale - Alpenglow Beer Company
  7. Copperhead - Alt Brew
  8. One Small Step - Moonshrimp Brewing
  9. Grapefruit IPA - Ghostfish Brewing Company
  10. Forager Lager - Whistler Brewing Company

A panel of experts partnered with 10Best editors to picked the initial 20 nominees, and the top 10 winners were determined by popular vote. Experts Kim Koeller (Gluten & Allergy Free Passport) and Erin Smith (Gluten-Free Globetrotter) were chosen based on their knowledge and experience of the country's gluten-free scene.

Congratulations to all these winning beers!

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